Hamlet Test

Hamlet takes place in Denmark
Which of the following occurs first in the play? The actors present the mousetrap
Which of the following occurs last int the play? Fortinbras returns to England
Hamlet’s closest friend and confidant is Horatio
Whom does Hamlet stab through a curtain? Polonius
Comic relief is added to the play by gravediggers
How many times do the actors dramatize the murder of the king? once
According to the ghost, queen Gertrude had and affair with his brother
Hamlet first hesitates to kill Claudius because he is not sure he can trust the ghost
When we first see Hamlet, before his encounter with the ghost, he is depressed by events in his family
One of the actors recites a passage about the fall of Troy
Claudius decided to send Hamlet to England
With whom does Claudius contrive a triple-layered plan to kill Hamlet? Laertes
Hamlet’s account of his escape from the ship bound for England involves pirates
In the cemetery, Hamlet contemplates the skull of his father’s court jester
Who tells a story describing Ophelia’s death? Gertrude
To attend Ophelia’s funeral, Laertes returns from France
“My words fly up, my thoughts remain below/ Words without thoughts never heaven go.” The speaker is Claudius
Who says, “To thine own self be true”? Polonius
Who says,”There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance”? Ophelia
Who says ,”Goodnight , sweet prince,/ And flights of angles sing thee to thy rest”? Horatio
Who remarks that Hamlet would have made a fine King? Fortinbras
The rising action of the play begins with the ghost’s first appearance to Hamlet
Hamlet’s antic disposition is intended to convince others that he has gone crazy
How many soliloquies does Hamlet deliver during the course of the play? 7
Hamlet associates frailty with Women
“O… the the Everlasting had not fixed/His canon ‘gainst self-slaughter.” This means that Hamlet wishes suicide was a sin
The play’s rising action peaks when Hamlet decides not to kill the kneeling king
Hamlet’s tragic flaw is most likely his tendency to gloomy reflection rather than to action
The most dominant image in the play is Poison