Hamlet Study Guide Act 4 with answers

Where does Hamlet tell Claudius that Polonius is? At supper. (Not where he is eating, but where he is being eaten).
Does Hamlet show remorse for killing Polonius? How can you explain Hamlet’s reaction? No. He believes it is his destiny to right the wrongs in Denmark. Polonius is collateral damage.
After telling Hamlet that he is to go to England, and after the exit of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, what does Claudius reveal when he is left alone on stage? He is going to have Hamlet killed.
Are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern aware of Claudius’s intentions? Why does Claudius feel certain that his request will be carried out? No. He believes the king of England will do what he asks because he owes him a favor.
With whom does Hamlet speak in act IV scene iv? What does Hamlet learn from this person? A captain in Fortinbras’ army. He learns that the army is fighting to gain a piece of worthless ground in Poland.
How does Hamlet respond to this news? He feels that he must take action and stop stalling.
In what condition is Ophelia when she comes before Gertrude and Claudius? What are the two subjects of Ophelia’s songs? Ophelia seems to have lost her mind. Two subjects are of a death and a lost love.
What might be the causes of Ophelia’s madness? Her father’s death and Hamlet telling her he doesn’t love her and never has.
Who has returned from France, and what are the people saying to this person? Laertes. A mob is crying that Laertes should be king.
Why is Claudius so worried about what is being said to Laertes? Because he knows Laertes is popular with the people and he would lose the crown.
What does Laertes seek when he bursts into the presence of the king? He wants to know where his father is.
How does Laertes’s reaction to the killing of his father differ from Hamlet’s reaction to the killing of his father? He takes immediate action, whereas Hamlet finds reasons not to.
What does Claudius tell Laertes to calm him down? What does Claudius say to Laertes at the end of scene V? That Polonius’ death will be avenged to Laertes’ satisfaction.
Why might Claudius want to win Laertes over? Because he is popular with the people.
How does Hamlet come to be back in Denmark? He boarded a pirate ship they were fighting and became a prisoner. The pirates are treating him well and bringing him home. He is going to return the favor.
How does Claudius feel about Hamlet’s return to Denmark? He is not happy. He thinks it might be a trick of some kind.
What happens to Ophelia? Drowns.
Is Ophelia’s death a suicide? Not sure. She was sitting on a branch that broke and she fell in. Her clothes kept her afloat for a while, then pulled her down.
What are the consequences of the killing of Polonius? Ophelia’s death, Rosencrantz & Gildenstern’s deaths, Hamlets
Is Hamlet responsible for the death of Ophelia? Why or Why not? Matter of opinion: Yes: because he was mean to her and killed her father.NO: because he wasn’t even in Denmark at the time.
Additional questions:
In scene 2, what does Hamlet call Rosencrantz. What does he mean? He calls him a sponge. He is saying that he soaks up the king’s favor, then the king squeezes him again by using him to do his dirty work.
In scene 5, when Claudius is talking to Ophelia, she sings two songs (approximately lines 54-70) that insinuates something happened between herself and Hamlet. What is it? She makes us think she slept with Hamlet because he promised her he was going to marry her. But afterward he was cold toward her and didn’t keep his promise.
In scene vii, Laertes asks Claudius why he hasn’t punished Hamlet for Polonius’ murder. What is his response? He says it’s because Gertrude loves Hamlet so much and he (Claudius) loves Gertrude. He also says the public loves Hamlet.