Hamlet Study Guide

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern prepare to take Hamlet here England
The _________ will mew ad the dog will have his day cat
Hamlet’s Home elsinore
A little more ______ and less than kind kin
polonius and Laertes tell Ophelia to ____ hamlet’s affections reject
I will speak ______ to her but use none daggers
those who tell falsehoods liars
Hamlet wonders whether a miserable life i better than the unknown of ______ death
the ____ the ____’s to blame king
the queen dies after taking the poisoned ____ meant for hamlet drink
not difficult easy
polonius thinks hamlet has gone ____ because of Ophelia’s rejection mad
I must be ___ only to be kind cruel
______ madam Nay it is I know not______ seems
The —– is out of joint time
neither a —– nor a lender be borrower
sees his father’s ghost and plans to get revenge for his father’s murder Hamlet
descriptive word hamlet uses for rosencrantz and guildenstern sponge
the —- on laertes’s sword kills hamlet poison
oh shame where is thy—- blush
frailty thy name is woman
hamlet runs his sword through it killing poloonius who was hiding there tapestry
Elsinore to Hamlet home
There is nothing either good or bad but——makes it so thinking
——- and Guildenstern Rosencrantz
Hamlet sees the — of his father ghost
Something is rotten in the state of —- Denmark
tells hamlet of the wager the king made on hamlet’s behalf osirc
Prince of Norway, wants to regain lands his father lost fortinbras
hamlet’s mother gertrude
though this be madness yet there is —– in it method
Hamlet’s uncle , the new king Claudius
Leave her to _____ and to those thorns that in her bosom lodge heaven
claudius wants hamlet—– when he reaches England killed
hamlet jumps into Ophelia’s ——- grave
old schoolmate and friend of Hamlet horatio
Polonius’ Son laertes
Rosencrantz and ——- guildenstern
to thine own self be —— true
the lady doth —– too much, methinks protest
monologue by a charcter soliloquy
to — or not to —— be
laertes wants —— for his father’s death revenge
she goes crazy and drowns ophelia
the —-‘s the thing play
to be or — to be not
—- to the —- sweets
Hamlet’s mother didn’t—-his father’s death very long mourn
Hamlet —- and raves pretending to be mad rants
belonging to us ours