Hamlet Study

Courtier of the Danish Court, ex friend of Hamlet Rosencrantz
Courtier at the Danish court (Corny) Cornelius
Prince of Denmark, and son of the late King Hamlet Hamlet
Mythical character hamlet compares his father to (sun god) Hyperion
Courtier at the Danish court, and refs “the game” between Laertes and Hamlet Osric
Courtier of the Danish court, ex friend of hamlet that can’t play the recorder as well as he can lie Guildenstern
Murdered by Claudius King Hamlet
Laertes homeland France
Hamlet and Horatio’s school Wittenberg
Mythical character Hamlet compares his mother to, because she wept about her children Niobe
The actors that performed “The murder if Gonzago” aka “the mousetrap” The players
Guard who leaves during Act 1, Scene 2. Francisco
Ophelia’s brother, son of polonius Laertes
Hamlets girlfriend Ophelia
Brother of the late King Hamlet Claudius
Courtier at the Danish court, gets word of Fortinbras Voltemand
Homeland of Fortenbras Norway
Widow of king hamlet, Marries Claudius Queen Gertrude
Father of Ophelia and Laertes, council to King Claudius Polonius
Hamlets friend and confident Horatio
Francisco, Bernardo, Marcellus Danish soldiers
Prince of Norway Fortinbras
Poison used to kill king hamlet Hebona
Characteristic Hamlet compares women to Frail
Homeland of Hamlet, setting Denmark
Gravediggers Two clowns
Servant to polonius Reynaldo
Hamlets dead father The ghost