Hamlet Sparknotes’ Quiz

Who joins Bernardo, the watchman, on his watch of the castle? marcellus and horatio
What do Marcellus and Bernardo want to show Horatio? a ghost
What proves to Horatio that the ghost is that of King Hamlet? his armor
How does Horatio explain the appearance of King Hamlet’s ghost? He says it’s a warning sign
Who is Fortinbras? prince of norway
Who is now married to King Hamlet’s wife? claudius
What does King Claudius say he is in mourning over? the death of his brother
What do Claudius and Gertrude want Prince Hamlet to do? stay close to them
What does Prince Hamlet contemplate doing because he is so upset? killing himself
What does Fortinbras want from Claudius? lands that once belonged to norway
What does Laertes warn Ophelia about? falling in love with hamlet
What is Laertes’ main objection to Ophelia’s feelings? hamlet has obligations to his country
What does Polonius say about Ophelia’s relationship with Hamlet? he forbids her from seeing him anymore
What does Hamlet overhear while waiting for the ghost to appear? the revelry of the King
Why do Horatio and Marcellus follow after Hamlet and the ghost? to protect Hamlet
Whom does Fortinbras swear he will not attack? the danes
Why does Claudius want to be left alone? So that he and Polonius can watch Hamlet and Ophelia interact
Why does Hamlet call women dishonest? Because they wear make-up and deceive men
What does Claudius want Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to do with Hamlet? take him to england
When does Hamlet plan to kill Claudius? When Claudius behaves badly