Hamlet Review

What time does the play begin? Midnight
What are the three gentlemen doing in the beginning talking about claudius
what is it called when two characters are put together to compare them? foiling
what two characters are the fouls of hamlet laertes and fortinbras
how is ophelia a foil to hamlet? they are both mad but ophelia is actually crazy while hamlet is faking it
why do the king and queen ask rosencrantz and guildenstern to spy on hamlet? they are his childhood friends
who asks to go to france? laertes
according to polonius, why is hamlet mad? because of his love for ophelia
who tells hamlet he saw the ghost of his father? horatio
how quickly does gertrude marry? one month
why does laertes warn ophelia to stay away from hamlet? he suggest that hamlet would never marry her because hamlet is considered royalty
“be nie a borrower nor a lender” who says it? polonius says this to Laertes
why do the guards beg hamlet not to follow a ghost? they don’t want him to get hurt
“pies were served cold” what is it? hyperbole
“leave her to heaven” said by King Hamlet to HamletHamlet
acts of subterfuge the lines inserted in the play
how does ophelia use subterfuge? she returns his love letters
what is the biggest use of subterfuge in the play? hamlet pretending to be mad
where do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern die? England
“Words without sincerity never reach heaven” who says it? king Claudius
why is hamlet mad at himself? he is mad at himself because of his procrastination
what is the title of the play? mouse trap
why does hamlet tell ophelia to go to a nunnery? he doesn’t want her to breed sinners
what is hamlets tragic flaw procrastination
why does king claudius send hamlet to england to retrieve money
whose idea is it to hide behind the curtain? polonius
how does gertrude die? poisoned wine
what does hamlet compare polonius to? a sponge
who says “now where my crown” king hamlet
what does claudius drop into the glass? a poisoned pearl
why does the king feel he can’t ask for forgiveness? he killed his brother, took his brothers things, and married his brothers wife
who wants to kill themselves at the end of the play? horari
when you possess a tragic flaw hero must possess it and it must lead to downfall
what does hamlet compare the death like state to sleeping
what are the whips and acorns in lofe the hard times in lofw
what is the tone of the passage mourning