Hamlet Quiz 5

How does Hamlet turn the tables on Claudius’ plan to kill him? Hamlet didn’t. The poisoned cup was meant for Hamlet but the queen got to it first and killed her
Explain Claudius’ and Laertes’ “Plan A” and “Plan B.” A) Poison tip of Laertes’ sword and kill HamletB) Poison a cup of wine and kill hamlet
Who does Hamlet want to tell his story? Horatio
Who takes over as King of Denmark and what does he promise at the end of the play? Fortinbras becomes the king; In the last scene, Fortinbras shows up at the Danish court. Perhaps he was there just to personally request from Claudius “the conveyance of a promised march over his kingdom” – to “express our duty in his eye.” Or perhaps he was there to seize Denmark “by strong hand and terms compulsatory.” But Hamlet averts that war between Norway and Denmark by giving the disputed land and all of Denmark to Fortinbras without a fight