Hamlet productions

Trevor Nunn (1970) – O Ophelia and Laertes as a flirtatious double
Branagh (1996) – O Shows a flashback of Hamlet and Ophelia in bed
Gregory Doran – RSC (2009) – O Ophelia strips to underwear in mad scene, raging and frenetic
Romantic performances – ophelia Showalter – ‘picturesque madness’ – virginal white
Tony Richardson (1969) – G Animalistic behaviour, unattractive Gertrude and Claudius feast with their dogs on greasy chicken and wine
Olivier (1948) – G Luxurious canopied bed – symbolises Gertrude’s centrality to play and her sexual appetite
Gregory Doran (2009) – G Gertrude speaks to cracked mirror – duality + broken identity
Olivier (1948) – ghost Mysterious questionable presence strikes fear in Hamlet
Zefferelli (1990) – ghost Vulnerable human, sitting down, communication between Hamlet and father
Matthew Warchus (1997) – ghost Hamlet holds father’s ashes while Claudius’ tribute to his brother plays over speakers
Lysndsey Turner (2015) ‘Intergenerational trauma’ – deaths of younger generation are necessary to purify corrupt Denmark
Ronald Daniels 1984 – Claudius Bombastic Claudius – represents change in Elsinore
David Garrick (1763) Focus on the family and filial emotions
Grigori Kozintsev (1964) Elsinore in the light of Stalin’s prison camps – Hamlet depicted as heroic in his resistance to oppression
Hansgunther Heyme (1979) Explores the boundaries between illusion and reality – Hamlet represented by two actors, one in auditorium and one on stage, a prisoner of his coarse sexual fantasies
Ronald Daniels 1984 Contrast between old court represented by Gertrude and Hamlet and new loutish court characterised by Brian Blessed’s bombastic Claudius
H. K. Ayliff (1925) Ophelia’s sexually explosive mad scenes were the result of suppression of her natural desires and wishes by men
Robert Icke (2017) – ophelia Rigid limbed in a wheelchair
Robert Icke (2017) – gertrude and claudius in love
Grigori Kozintsev (1964) – gertrude self-satisfied woman with strong appetites – gazes into hand mirror
Pre 1900 – Polonius same actor played Polonius and the witty gravedigger
Nicholas Hytner (2010) – polonius looks up as he states ‘to thine own self be true’, suggesting awareness of Hamlet’s murder
Richard Burton (1964) – polonius comic
Gregory Doran (2009) and Maxine peake (2014) productions same actor plays Claudius and Old Hamlet ghost