Hamlet Movie

Who first saw the ghost? Marcellus and Bernardo
Who saw the ghost the second time? Horatio, Marcellus, and Bernardo
What did Horatio and the guards do? They went to let Hamlet know
When should ghosts not be able to roam around at night? During Christmas time
What was Denmark currently readying for? Attack from Norway
Who wanted to lead the attack? Young Fortinbras
Why did Young Fortinbras want to attack Denmark? He wanted to take back all of his previous lands back that King Hamlet took from him and Claudius denied him.
Where does the Movie take Place? Elsinore, Denmark
What did Claudius and Gertrude tell Hamlet at the wedding? To snap out of it
What happened after the wedding Horatio and the guards told Hamlet about the ghost
What did Hamlet do? He went to go see the ghost for himself
What did the ghost tell him? -He was his father-He was killed by his brother(Claudius)-Gertrude had affair with Claudius
What did Claudius purposefully deny King Hamlet after his death? He did not allow last rights
What does Laertes say to Ophelia before he leaves? He asks her to behave and stay virgin
What are the two most important advices from Polonius to Laertes? -“Nor a borrower nor a lender be”-“To thyn own self be true”
What does Polonius tell Ophelia to do? He forbids her to have any type of communication with Hamlet
What does Ophelia do? She obeys Polonius
How does Claudius kill King Hamlet? By pouring poison in his ear
What was the name of the poison? Hebenon
What does the line “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio than are dreamt of in our philosophy” mean? There are far more things that we cant understand in the universe
Who took an Oath? Horatio, Hamlet, Marcellus
What was the Oath on? Hamlets sword
What was the Oath about? To never speak about the night of the ghost
Who does Polonius send to spy on Laertes? Reynaldo
Who does Hamlet decide to test his crazy acting on? Ophelia
What does Hamlet do to test it? Walks into Ophelia’s sowing room unorganized and crazy to scare her and leaves the room backwards without looking
Who was sent by Claudius to spy on Hamlet? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
What did Fortinbras lie to his uncle about? He said he was going to attack Poland but headed for Denmark
What did Old Norway do? He took Fortinbras’ money and soldiers
What did Fortinbras do to get the money and Soldiers back? He apologized to old Norway
What message did Hamlet give Ophelia in his love letter? To doubt everything except his love for her
Who does Polonius use as bait to set up Hamlet? Ophelia
What does the line “To be…. Or not to be” mean? To exist or not to exist
Who comes to Elsinore to entertain the king(Claudius)? Actors
What does Hamlet mean with the line ” a child not yet out of swaddling clothes” toward Polonius? an intellectually immature baby
What is the story told by the actor in front of Hamlet and Polonius? Troy(reference to downfall of Greece)
What does Hamlet ask the actors to play? The Murder of Gonzago
What does Hamlet do with the play? Change scenes to mimik his fathers murder
What does the line “The play wherein Ill catch the conscience of the King” mean? The play is where Hamlet will have no doubt about Claudius murdering his father
What does Hamlet ask Horatio to do before the play? To watch how Claudius reacts to the play?
Who is the play meant to insult? Gertrude and Claudius
What is Polonius and Claudius second set up for Hamlet? To see how he acts with his own mother
Who is behind Claudius when he is confessing? Hamlet
What does hamlet attempt to do but doesn’t during confession? Kill Claudius
Why does Hamlet not kill Claudius during confession? Killing him during confession will send him to heaven
Who does Hamlet let his mother be judged by? God/afterlife
Who does Hamlet first kill and where? Polonius in his mothers chamber
Who appears to Hamlet while with his mother? The ghost of his father
Where does Claudius send Hamlet? To England
What does Claudius give the Spies to be given to England? To ask England to put Hamlet to death
Who does Hamlet meet on his way to England? Fortinbras
Who came to Elsinore with a riot? Laertes
What happened to hamlet while sailing to England? He was captured by pirates
Who does Claudius manipulate to kill Hamlet? Laertes
How does Ophelia die? She falls in a river and lets herself drown
Who’s skull does the grave digger give Hamlet? Yorick’s
Who was Yorick King Hamlets jester
How did Rosencrantz and Guildenstern die? They are put to death by replacing the letter for England (Hamlets death to their death)
How Does Claudius set Hamlet up with Laertes? By having a sword fight
What was different about Laertes sword? It was poisoned
Why did Claudius offer Hamlet a glass of wine? It was also poisoned
How does Laertes die? By being struck with his own poisoned sword
How does Claudius die? He is struck with the poisoned sword and forced to drink the poisoned wine by Hamlet
How does Hamlet die? Laertes struck his unfairly with the poisoned sword
What does Hamlet tell Horatio? To not kill himself and to be strong
Who does Hamlet wish for to be King? Fortinbras
Who come to certify Rosencrantz and Guildensterns execution? An English Ambassador
How does Fortinbras ask for Hamlet to be Carried out? Like a soldier
What is the Last scene of the Movie? The statue of King Hamlet being tore down