Hamlet Main Events

First Sighting of King Hamlet’s Ghost Act I
Hamlet’s Emo Monolouge about King Hamlet’s Death, his Mother’s Quickness to Marry & Suicide Act I
Warnings to Ophelia about her Relationship with Hamlet Act I
Laertes Leaves for France Act I
Prince Hamlet sees his Father’s Ghost for the First Time Act I
Ghost tells Hamlet to seek Revenge Act I
Hamlet Acts Crazy Act I
Ophelia Says Hamlet is Acting Mad Act II
Polonius sends Reynaldo to spread Rumors about Laertes Act II
The Queen and King have Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Spy on Hamlet Act II
Polonius Says that Hamlet is Crazy because he is in Love with Ophelia and can no longer see her. Act II
Hamlet Plan Plays to Reveal Claduius’s Guilt Act II
Hamlet’s “Get thee to a Nunnery” speach to Ophelia Act III
Hamlet’s “To be or Not to be” Monolouge Act III
Hamlet’s Play Act III
Hamlet Doubts R & G’s Loyality to him Act III
Hamlet would kill Claudius, but he is “Praying” Act III
Hamlet’s Talk with Gertrude Act III
Hamlet Kills Polonius Act III
Claudius Decides to send Hamlet to England as Punishment Act IV
R & G Ask Hamlet where Polonius’s Body is Act IV
Hamlet Tells Claudius where Polonius’s Body is Act IV
Claudius sends message to put Hamlet to Death when he gets to England Act IV
Fortinbras and his Army about to attack Poland Act IV
Ophelia is Crazy Act IV
Laertes wants Revenge on Hamlet Act IV
Hamlet sends Horatio a Letter saying that his ship was taken by Pirates Act IV
Claudius begins Plotting for a way to Kill Hamlet Act IV
Ophelia has Drowned Act IV
Gravedigger’s Chatter Act V
Hamlet’s Monolouge with Yorick’s Skull Act V
Ophelia being Buried Act V
Hamlet says he switched the Letter calling for his death in England to R & G’s Death Act V
Osric Speaking Nonsense Act V
Sword fight aka EVERYONE DIES Act V