Hamlet Knowledge Assessment

Who killed King Hamlet? Claudius
Why does Hamlet say Polonius died? Because he was always in other people’s business
Why doe Hamlet not want Horatio to drink the poison? He wants Horatio to live and tell his story
Who talks to the ghost? Hamlet
Why does Polonius believe Hamlet has gone crazy? For Ophelia’s love
Why is Hamlet unable to kill King Claudius? Because he was praying/would go to heaven
What doe sHamlet say to Ophelia that causes her to go crazy? “Get thee to a nunnery”
Who is asked by the king to “spy” on Hamlet? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
How long was it between King Hamlet’s death and Claudius’s and Gertrude’s wedding? Three months
How does Hamlet kill Polonius? Stabs him through a curtain
Whose skull does Yorrick’s resemble in the churchyard? “Alexander” (the Great)
How does Hamlet act at Ophelia’s funeral? Angry at Laertes
What kills Gertrude? Poisoned wine meant for Hamlet
What happens int he play Hamlet sets up for Claudius? The king’s brother kills him and marries his wife
When does Hamlet kill Claudius? When he himself is dying
Whose skull does Hamlet find in the churchyard? Yorrick
Which character is unable to see the ghost? Gertrude
Who is the character last to die in the play? Hamlet
What does Ophelia hand out after Polonius’ death? Flowers
What does the Murder of Gonzago represent? The murder of King Hamlet
What plant does Ophelia keep for herself? Rue
Who does the King of England kill instead of Hamlet? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
What obscures Polonius in Gertrude’s room? An arras
When is the only time that Hamlet shows his love for Ophelia? In his coded letter
What does Hamlet compare Rosencrantz to? A sponge
How does Laertes feel about the King’s death? He feels that he has been “justly served”
How does Fortinbras feel that Hamlet would have behaved as king? Hamlet would have proved most royal.
Who is Hamlet’s foil? Laertes
For whom does the First Player weep? Hecuba
What do Laertes and Hamlet fight with? Foils
How does Ophelia die? She drowns
How does Hamlet prove Claudius’ guilt of killing King Hamlet? The play
Why was Claudius unable to directly kill Hamlet? The citizens loved him too much
Why does Fortinbras want to take over Denmark? To avenge his own father’s death
According to Polonius, where does Hamlet’s first responsibility lie? With the kingdom
How many lines of dialogue are there between Horatio and Marcellus from the time Hamlet and the Ghost leave and when Horatio and Marcellus follow them? 6
How does Polonius act in his conversation with Hamlet about clouds? He agrees with every shape Hamlet suggests
What does King Claudius pray for? Forgiveness
What does the Ghost say to Hamlet regarding his mother? “Leave her to heaven”
Who does Polonius send to France to spy on Laertes? Reynaldo
What is the name of the University in which Hamlet studied? Wittenberg
What poisoned the wine intended for Hamlet at the sword fight against Laertes? Union
What is the name of the play Hamlet stages? The Murder of Gonzago
What do Polonius and Laertes warn Ophelia? That she should preserve her virtue
What is Hamlet wearign in his first introduction in the play? Mourning clothes
Which character says “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”? Marcellus
How does the ghost say he was killed? He was stung in the ear by a serpent
What is a woman’s love, according to Hamlet? Brief
What is Hamlet not able to distinguish when the wind is from north-north-west? The diference between a hawk and a handsaw
Who does Hamlet think he is stabbing when he kills Polonius? The king