Hamlet Inferential and Comprehension Questions

Where does the story take place? Denmark
When does the story take place? The twelfth century
Who were the first guards to see the ghost? And who did they tell about it? Marcellus and Horatio; they told Hamlet about it.
Where was Hamlet studying? Wittenburg, Germany
What brought Hamlet home from Germany? The news of his fathers death
What did Queen Gertrude do very quickly after the father died that disturbed Hamlet? She married his father’s brother, Claudius, less than two months after his father’s death.
What kind of man did Hamlet think his uncle was? A little more than kin, and less than kind. Also, inferior to his father.
How did Ophelia feel about Hamlet at the beginning of the story? She does not like him and thinks he is up to no good.
How did Hamlet feel about Ophelia at the beginning of the story? Hamlet likes her; he proposed to her.
Where is Laertes on his way to? France
What advice does Polonius give to Laertes? Do NOT loan or borrow from friends because it could mean you lose a friendshipStay on a budget and follow your conscious, do what you know is right.(Neither a borrower nor a lender be, for loan oft loses both itself and friend. This above all, to thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.)
What advice does Polonius give to Ophelia? Not to think of Hamlet as a suitor or give him anymore encouragement.
When Hamlet met the ghost, the ghost explained how he died. So… how did he die? Claudius poured poison in his ear while he was sleeping.
How does Hamlet’s behavior change after meeting his father’s ghost and learning how he died? (hint: its a vocab word) He becomes erratic.
What plan does Hamlet make to trick Claudius into revealing his guilt? He rewrites the play to see how his father was killed. He also plans to look carefully at King Claudius to see if he looks guilty.
Why was Hamlet afraid to commit suicide? He was going to be sent to hell, because at the time if you committed suicide it was believed you would go to hell.
Hamlet rejects Ophelia’s love when he tells her to do what. Get thee to a nunnery, go.
How does Claudius reveal his guilt? He stops the play as soon as the poison comes, and he starts praying for his guilt.
Who killed Polonius? Hamlet
How did Polonius die? Hamlet through a dagger at him behind the tapestry because he thought he was Claudius.
What does Claudius instruct the English king to do with Hamlet? To kill Hamlet
What were the strange things that Ophelia was doing? Why was she doing these things? She was singing ditties, and seemed demented. This was because the man she loved had killed her father and she had no one near her, her brother was in France.
Where is Ophelia’s only other living relative? France
Who does Laertes blame for Polonius’ death? First Claudius, then Hamlet.
How does Claudius use the anger to set Hamlet up for death? To kill Hamlet during the duel.
What does Claudius do as a backup plan? He puts poison in the wine and on the dagger.
How does Hamlet die? From getting stabbed with the sword that had poison on it
How does Laertes die? From getting stabbed with the sword that had poison on it.
How does Queen Gertrude die? From drinking the poisoned wine.
How does Claudius die? From poison getting poured down his throat and being stabbed.
Irony when the exact opposite of what you think is going happen occurs
Two examples of Irony in the story: 1.Laertes gets poked with the poison sword that he meant to kill Hamlet with. 2. The only person he loved, Queen Gertrude, drinks the poisoned wine instead of Hamlet.