Hamlet flower symbolism

rosemary remembrance i.e. weddings, funerals (Laertes- sisterly devotion)*wood used to make lutes; cooking herb
pansies thoughts (Laertes)
fennel and columbine flattery, deceit (Claudius- seducer, diplomat, relationship with Queen)*cooking herb’ ingratitude and forsaken lovers
daisy infidelity (Gertrude- relationship with Claudius)*deception
rue sorrow, regret, repentance (Gertrude- guilt)*thought to be preventive against plague
violets faithfulness (Polonius- Hamlet cut off after murdering Ophelia’s dad)
willow tree Ophelia destroyed by Hamlet’s rejection and death of father by Hamlet’s hands
weeping willow mourning
creeping willow love forsaken
water willow freedom
crow flowers ingratitude (Hamlet rejected her)*pink flower, grows in marshy places
flowering nettles slander, sting (sorrow, rejection)
daisies farewell (Ophelia’s death)
long purples sexual love (Ophelia and Hamlet’s relationship)
may of “rose of may” early blooming bud (youth)
rose of “rose of may” opening up to love
nettle *wild plant that has painful stinging hairs on its stem
orchid *purple flower apparently associated with sex and death