Hamlet Crossword

Fortinbras prince of Norway; wants to regain land his father lost
England Rosencrantz and Guildenstern prepare to take Hamlet there
grave hamlet jumps into Ophelia’s _____
be “To __ or not to __”
Laertes Polonius’ son
poison What Claudius puts on the end of Laertes’ sword
Osric tells Hamlet of the duel that is to occur between him and Laertes
Yorick “Alas, poor ___! I knew him, Horatio” (The person the skull belongs to)
death Hamlet wonders whether a miserable life is better than the unknown of ____
heaven “Leave her to ___ and to those thorns that in her blossom lodge…”
Horatio Loyal friend of Hamlet
Ophelia Hamlet’s love interest. She goes crazy and drowns
seems “____, madam!” “Nay, it is.” “I know not ___.”
mad Polonius thinks Hamlet has gone ___ becuase of Ophelia’s rejections
ghost Hamlet sees the ___of his father
daggers “I will speak ___ to her, but use none”
Elsanore Hamlet’s home
king “The ___, the ___’s to blame”
cruel “I must be ___ only to be kind”
tapistry Hamlet runs his sword through it, killing Polonius who was hiding there
protest “The lady doth ___ too much, methinks”
reject Polonius and Laertes tell Ophelia to ____ Hamlet’s affections
killed Claudius wants Hamlet ____ when he reaches England