Hamlet AP Multiple Choice

The word “conceit” in line 3 most likely means Imagination
Lines 1-21 contain examples of all of the following EXCEPT Litotes
In lines 27-28, “But I am pigeon-livered, and lack gall / To make oppression bitter, or ere this,” Hamlet faults himself for lacking The fortitude to seek revenge
In line 52, “As he is very potent with such spirits,” the term ‘spirits’ could best be restated as temperaments
In line 54, “this” refers to the Ghost’s words to Hamlet
In the course of his soliloquy, Hamlet exhibits Sarcasm, resolve, self-deprecation
It is clear that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern desire to protect the King primarily because they believe that What affects the King affects everyone
Polonius reveals that the King believes the Queen might be lacking in Objectivity
The King’s words in lines 42-44, “O, my offense is rank, it smells to heaven / It hath the primal eldest curse upon’t / A brother’s murther. Pray can I not,” are an example of Allusion
In the King’s soliloquy, he expresses some hope based upon The existence of mercy
In line 60, “Of those effects for which I did the murther,” the word “effects” could best be restated as Benefits
Lines 59-78, “That cannot be since I am still posses’d Of those effects for which I did the murther… All may be well,” contain all of the following EXCEPT Allusion
In line 103, “This physic but prolongs thy sickly days,” ‘This physic’ refers to The King’s praying
In line 11, “I took thee for thy better” means that Hamlet mistakenly thought that Polonius was the King
In line 16, “If damned custom have not brass’d it so,” the word ‘custom’ could most accurately be restated as Habit
In line 20-31, Hamlet claims that his mother’s act has dishonored all of the following EXCEPT oaths
In lines 52-58, Hamlet employs Deductive reasoning, personification
The sentence that begins on line 59, “Eyes without feeling, feeling without sight,” is characterized by ellipsis
Hamlet declares that his mother’s lack of virtue excuses a similar lack of virtue in youth
Which of the following pairs of words refers to different entities? ardure and frost