Hamlet Act V

How does hamlet happen to be a the graveyard at this time? He is on his way back to the castle
Who grave are the gravediggers working on? Ophelia’s
What are the men debating as they dig the grave? Why? If ophelia shuld have a christian burial or not becuse she technically killed herself
Who was Yorick and why is he included in the play? The king’s jester, reminder of fiality of death
Two sides of hamlet are leaked in this scene – the philosopher and the doer. How is each side shown? Philosopher: when he tals bout death and what happens when you die, significaance and meaning of death, this is when he thinks about yorik. Doer: when he jumps into Ophelia’s grave, wants to act on grief and has come back to act
Hamlet describes Laertes as a “very noble youth.” How is this ironic? What laertes is abut to do, kill hamlet, isnt noble
How do hamlets actions at the grave support the depth of his feelings for Ophelia? He jumps into her grave and claims his love is greater than 40,000 brothrs love
How old are you led to believe Hamlet is? What do you think? 30 years old
Why does hamlet tell Horatio everything at the start of this scene? So horatio understand why hmlet did things the way he did, who the next king of denmark will be
Who is Osric, and why is he included in the play? A silly courtier sent by claudius to summon Hamlet to a duel with laertes
Does hamlet realize that he might not come out of this fight alive? Yes
How does hamlet’s willingness to fight Laertes halo solidify him as a tragic hero? Hamlet finally decides to act, instead of just thinking about what he could do
How is suspence raised in this scene? Evets leading to what we know will be a very dramatic ending
What is the outcome of the fight scene at the end? Hamlet, laertes, claudius, and gertrude all die
When gertrude drinks rom the cup, Claudius asks her not to drink and she refuses has she ever disobeyed Claudius before? No
Where does Gertrude finally realize claudius’s treachery? She drinks the poisonous drink claudius made for hamlet
Who is alive at the end of the pay? Horatio and Fortinbras
Who dies in the play? How does each person die and in what order? – 1 polonius-stabbed by hamlet – 2 ophelia-drowned- 3 Gertrude-poisoned by claudius- 4 claudius-stabbed by hamlet – 5 laertes-stabbed by hamlet – 6 hamlet-stabbed by laertes – 7&8 rosencrantz and guildenstern- killed in england
After hamlet’s death, the rest seems superfluous. Why is the rest important? Establishes who will rull denmark
Why is Fortinbras’s presence important? He tells of what a obel prince hamlet was and that he will be missed. He may now be king of Denmark