Hamlet Act One (Plot Summary).

Act 1 (Scene 1). In scene 1, the reader is formally introduced to Francisco and Bernardo (both of them are guards). Francisco leaves when Horatio and Marcellus both enter the scene. Then, Bernardo discusses with Horatio and Marcellus, about the ghost he had seen last night. The ghost appears (in the same appearance as the former King Hamlet) and all three of them are shocked to see the ghost (especially Horatio. Horatio appeals to logic, which would make him Apollonian and very skeptical about the ghost). We later find out that the young Prince Fortinbras is preparing an army to avenge his father (that would explain why weapons were being made in Denmark. Marcellus is the one who questions why weapons of war was being created). Later, the ghost appears again and Horatio tries to get a response, but it fails. This is where the reader comes across two diverse interpretations of the cock crowing to inform the ghost of returning to purgatory (Horatio offers the Pagan version and Marcellus offers the christian version). Finally, Horatio and the others, agree to tell Hamlet of the ghost (Horatio believes the ghost WILL talk to Hamlet).
Act 1 (Scene 2). In scene 2, the reader is introduced to several characters (King Claudius, Queen Gertrude, Laertes, Polonius, and Hamlet. Cornelius and Voltemand are messengers of King Claudius). King Claudius talks about the death of his brother and how grief has spread throughout the kingdom, but he proudly thanks the crowd for going along with being married to Queen Gertrude (the imperial jointers to this warlike state). He then comments on young Fortinbras trying to raise an army to avenge his father and he sends Cornelius and Voltemand to give a letter to old Norway about his nephews’s “interest”. Laertes then asks leave for France and Claudius asks Polonius if he can leave and he is allowed to (but Hamlet is begged not to go to Wittenberg). Then, Hamlet is introduced (still wearing black) and King Claudius sees his constant mourning as “unmanly grief”. We are later introduced to Hamlet’s soliloquy about him being depressed. Later, Hamlet is then approached by Horatio and Marcellus, both telling him of the ghost they had saw and Hamlet decides to make contact with the ghost.
Act 1 (Scene 3) In scene 3, Laertes and Ophelia (son and daughter of Polonius, the head spy of King Claudius) have a conversation about Hamlet. Laertes warns Ophelia about Hamlet and how this “relationship” is not permanent, only temporary. Ophelia takes his advice, but warns Laertes to follow his advice as well. Then, Polonius gives Laertes final advice before leaving for France. Finally, Laertes interrogates Ophelia about her “adventures” with Hamlet and forbids her from speaking with Hamlet.
Act 1 (Scene 4). In scene 4, Hamlet, Horatio, and Marcellus, go looking for the ghost. Then, we find out that, King Claudius (in tradition) goes on a drinking scourge to see how drunk he can get (Hamlet knows this act disgraces the entire nations image). Later, the ghost enters and Hamlet tries to communicate with it, but the ghost beckons Hamlet to follow it. Horatio and Marcellus try to persuade Hamlet to not follow the ghost, but Hamlet decides to follow the ghost. Finally, Horatio and Marcellus both follow Hamlet (then Marcellus says his line, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”).
Act 1 (Scene 5). In scene 5, the ghost introduces himself as Hamlet’s fallen father and wants Hamlet to avenge his death (but he is never specific in how he wants him to do it). We discover that, Claudius was the one who killed him by pouring hebona (poison) in his ear. The ghost then leaves Hamlet and Hamlet now has a purpose. Later, Horatio and Marcellus find Hamlet and Hamlet makes both of them swear on his sword to not tell what happened that night(sword is in the shape of the cross/swearing before god himself). Finally, they both swear and Hamlet now has the chance to set things right.