Hamlet Act one

What is the mood of the opening scene? eerie, suspicious, suspenseful established by short dialogue and fast paced conversation and fear of the ghost
how are we informed of the elder Hamlet’s death the guards speak about how the ghost looks like the former King Hamlet
Why is a strict watch being maintained they were preparing for war with Norway
Why is Horatio being included in the next watch he wanted to seem for himself the ghost that looked like the former King Hamlet
what was the outcome of the conflict between king hamlet and king fortinbras of norway hamlet won and slayed King Fortinbras
What does Claudius reveal about how his fortunes have changed with his brother’s death he now is married to his brother’s wife and is the king of Denmark,
what problems does claudius need to address in this passage he talks about how fortinbras tried to attack denmar, he married his brother’s wife very shortly, his fortunes have changed and he needs to be careful on what he says
how does claudius respond to Hamlet in this scene he refuses hamlet to go back to school in europe because he is the next heir to the throne, also he is depressed and acting strange, and the king tells him to snap out of it
what hint do we get that claudius may be under obligation to polonius? when laertes asks to leave denmark, Claudius first asks if he has Polonius’ permission and then tells him to go when Polonius does
what actual facts do we learn from Hamlet’s first soliloquy? the king has barely been dead for 2 months, he is severely depressed,
Who is Polonius, Laertes, Ophelia? Laertes and Ophelia are brother and sister and Polonius their father, Hamlet is in love with Ophelia
what advice does laertes give opohelia about hamlet to stay away from him because he might be a player, he could be telling all the girls flattery
What order does Polonius give Ophelia he agrees with laertes and tells her not to see hamlet anymore because he doesn’t think hamlet treats her right
4 things polonius advises his son? -listen more than you speak-don’t by quick to pick a fight, but once in one, hold your own-be friendly to people, but don’t overdo it-spend money on clothes of quality, not flashy
what does hamlet seem to be saying about the behavior at court he doesn’t approve of some of the traditions, that other countries criticize them for their loud partying; drunkenness distracts them from their achievements
what point does Hamlet make about men in general and how they are judged? a tiny little flaw can make you be judged for the rest of your life