Hamlet Act iii Quiz

In Act III, to whom does Hamlet say, “Give me that man/That is not passion’s slave and I will wear him/In my heart’s core.”? Horatio
Who says, “In second husband let one be accursed/None we’d the second, but who killed the first.”? Player Queen
Who is killed in Act iii Polonius
To which characters does Hamlet reveal that he is but “mad in craft” and not truly mad? (Hint: Not all of them understand his message or pay attention to it.) Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
What is The Murder of Gonzago? The play-within-the-play for which Hamlet writes a few extra speeches
What/ who does Hamlet criticize repeatedly during Act 3 scene 2? Ophelia
Where does Claudius ask Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to take Hamlet? ?
What does Claudius do that makes Hamlet hesitate in killing him, at first? Hamlet could of killed the King while praying but he decided not to because if he did so, King Claudius would go straight to heaven.
Where does Polonius hide when Hamlet is talking to Gertrude? Behind an “arras” or Tapestry
What favor does Hamlet ask of Horatio? To observe Claudius during “The murder of the Gonzago”
In the soliloquy, “To be or not to be…”, Hamlet philosophizes on the nature of: Revenge
When Claudius shouts for “lights” before “The Mousetrap” is over, Hamlet is convinced: That Claudius is guilty of his father”s murder
Calanity event resulting in a great loss
spurn regect with contempt
lament express grief verbally
clemency compassion shown towards offenders by a person
what is the meaning of the soliloquy? – examination of conscience- weighs the moral ramifications of living or dying- has a realization (realizes that he doesnt know what will happen to him in the afterlife)-