Hamlet Act III

What does Claudius begin to feel as scene i starts? Claudius starts to feel guilty
What are the major key points in Hamlets soliloquy? Hamlet is contemplating suicide, he tells this by whether or not he should sleep, or forever sleep. He is asking the question to be or not to be which is significant because it means to live or die. He continues to asks questions about death and will anything happen after death.
Why is Hamlet so brutal to Ophelia? He knows that Claudius and Polonius are watching so he is acting out to make them think that he is really going insane and that he is mad at Ophelia. But Ophelia is not guilty of anything that he acuses her of.
At the end of scene i what are Claudius’ thoughts, what does Polonius say to them? Claudius wants to send Hamlet to England so he can cool down. But Polonius thinks that Hamlet is still troubled by his love for Ophelia and disagrees with want Claudius thinks. Claudius says that Hamlet must be watched.
What happens before the players start acting? Hamlet is telling the players how to act out what he has written for them to perform.
How does Hamlet act before the play begins? Hamlet is acting anxious hoping that he catches Claudius red handed.
Why was Hamlet happy to see Horatio? Because Horatio knows about the king killing King Hamlet, so Hamlet wanted Horatio to also look at Claudius during the play to see if he notices him have a guilty look. Hamlet wants to make sure he isnt going crazy or that the ghost lied.
What is Hamlet hoping to accomplish by giving the players what to act? He is hoping that the story he gave them (which is exactly like what happened between Claudius and King Hamlet) will make Claudius feel guilty and he will be able to catch him.
What happens during the play, when poison is poured into the ear? Claudius gets up and yells, then he walks out of the rom stopping the play.
Who calls for Hamlet? Gertrude
What simile does Hamlet use when he is talking to Rozencratz and Guildenstern? He says that they are playing him like a pipe, manipulating him.
What is the effect of Claudius’ soliloquy? In his soliloquy he talks about the guilt he feels, he doesnt want to ask for forgiveness. But he gets down on his knees to pray for forgiveness anyway. He questions if he can be forgiven because he wont give up Gertrude or his power.
What does Hamlet do while Claudius is praying? Hamlet contemplates whether he should go ahead and kill him then while his back is turned and he is on his knees. Hamlet ends up not killing him because he thinks he would go to heaven since he is praying and if he gets revenge he wants him to go to hell.
What is the irony of Hamlets decision while Claudius is at prayer? It is ironic because Hamlet thought that he could not kill him because he would be sent to heaven but Claudius says that his prayer didnt work. This means that Hamlet could have killed him but he is a coward.
What happens at the beginning of scene iv? During Hamlet and Gertrude talking, she feels threatened by her son because of him acting so harsh. Gertrude calls out for help, Polonius is in the room behind the curtains because he was spying on their conversation. Hamlet stabbed his sword through the curtains thinking that it was Claudius behind there. He found out it was Polonius and said he was a spying fool.
What does Hamlet tell his mom? He tells her she should ask for forgiveness for the past and move on. He doesnt want her to continue sleeping in the same bed as her husband. He wants her to kind of start new. He tells her that he will still have to go to England with R&G.