Hamlet Act II scene ii

How does this scene prepare the reader for future scenes It shows that the King has great trust in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (who will be dead, I’ve heard)
Compare and contrast Fortinbras and Hamlet. WHy does Fortinbras change his plan to attack Denmark Fortinbras obeyed the orders he heard from his King. He is in good favor and a good relationship with his uncle the king, while Hamlet is in practically the opposite posistion
Why does Claudius hire Rosencrantz and Guildenstern as spies? they were brought up with him from a young ageare close to him in age and personalityhe has talked about themhe is attached to them
How does Hamlet feel about Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Why? excellent friendsthey are being too clingythen realizes they were sent by the king and queenwants them to be honestno reason to be thereunusual behaviorlogical possibility
What is the story Of Hecuba and Priam? the story’s significanceHamlet’s reaction to the story Priam was fighting off the invasion but he was old and weak and ultimately killed, and his wife saw this happen.Priam was weak and his killer had no problem killing. Hamlet’s uncle is weak and Hamlet doesn’t have the drive to kill him. He decides to use the play against his Uncle
Hamlet’s state of mind as revelaed by his soliloquywhat Hamlet’s remarkes to Polonius tell about his thoughtsChange revealed by dialogue with R&G vengeful, pained, helplessHe wants the actors treated very wellHe thinks Polonius a child
idea Hamlet gets from having the players In the court He will have them preform something similar to the murder of his father before his uncle and uncover his conscience