Hamlet: Act I – scene ii

Summarize the King’s soliloquy in the beginning of this scene. The King, Claudius, talks about how his brother, Hamlet, has died. As a result, he is left to take the throne.
What does Laertes want to do? Study abroad
Why does the King send Cornelius and Voltemand to Norway? To do business for the King. (Possibly spy)
What three main comments does Claudius make to Hamlet? Claudius tells Hamlet that:-He is his son-He is next to take the throne-He should get over his father’s death
Why won’t Claudius let Hamlet go off to study with Laertes? He is afraid that Hamlet will return with an army and steal the throne.
What comments does Gertrude make to Hamlet? Gertrude doesn’t want Hamlet to leave Denmark.
Paraphrase Hamlets first soliloquy. He is upset because:-He cannot leave Denmark (he feels trapped)-His father is dead-His mother married his uncle so hastily (disturbing)
What does Horatio tell Hamlet? There is a Ghost that looks like King Hamlet walking around at night!
How does Hamlet react to Horatio’s news? He is intrigued. He wants to see the ghost for himself and find out what the situation is.