Hamlet Act I: Review

Who was asked to join the guards in Act I, scene i to prove that there was a ghost? Horatio
Who was the original King of Denmark? Who is the King of Denmark now? King Hamlet (Old Hamlet; Hamlet’s dad); King Claudius (Old Hamlet’s brother; Hamlet’s uncle)
Who is Polonius? Who are his children? (Act !, scenes ii-iii) Counselor/right hand to the King; Laertes (son) and Ophelia (daughter)
Who is the ghost and who will he only speak to? (Act I, scene v) King Hamlet (Old Hamlet); Prince Hamlet (Young Hamlet)
Who murdered the King? Why? (Act I, scene v) King Claudius. He wanted the crown and he wanted to marry Queen Gertrude
Why did Polonius tell Ophelia to stay away from Hamlet (Act I, scene iii)? Polonius thinks that Hamlet is just using Ophelia; his love isn’t true, it’s only flirtation; Ophelia is still young and does not know the different between love and lust
How is Hamlet’s mood towards King Claudius and Queen Gertrude? Why? (Act I, scene ii) Angry, depressed, spiteful. He does not agree with his mother’s quick marriage to his uncle so soon after his father’s death.
Who is Claudius? The New King of Denmark; Queen Gertrude’s new husband; Hamlet’s Uncle
Who is Gertrude? The Queen of Denmark; King Claudius’s new wife; Hamlet’s mother
Horatio Hamlet’s friend and fellow student at Wittenberg
Who are Marcellus, Barnardo and Francisco? What is their importance in the beginning? (Act I, scene i) Soldiers guarding the castle. They are the first to see the ghost
Who is Fortinbras? What happened to his father? The prince of Norway. His father was King Fortinbras of Norway and he was murdered by King Hamlet
How does Denmark think King Hamlet was murdered? (Act I, scene v) He was poisoned by a snake
How was King Hamlet actually murdered? (Act I, scene v) Claudius poured poison (henbane) into his ear
What does Hamlet decide to do after he speaks to the ghost? (Act I, scene v) He decides to avenge his father. He also decides not to tell Horatio and Marcellus about the murder
Student; Prince of Denmark Hamlet
long speech that reveals a character’s thoughts soliloquy
reference to history or another piece of literature allusion
comments meant to be heard only by the audience aside
two contradictory words put together oxymoron
joke using a play on words pun
Country in which the play is set Denmark
Country that is Denmark’s enemy Norway
Where Hamlet and Horatio attend school Wittenberg
the palace in Denmark Elsinore
According to Marcellus, Horatio is considered a…? scholar
Fortinbras wants to attack Denmark to regain what his father lost is an example of Revenge
Laertes gives his sister advice about Hamlet is an example of what theme? Family
What are Voltimand and Cornelius responsible for? Delivering a letter to the king of Norway to stop Fortinbras’ plan of attack
Denmark believes that King Hamlet was killed by a snake but was poisoned by his brother is an example of what theme? Appearance V Reality
King Hamlet killed Old Fortinbras is an example of what theme? Mortality
Hamlet may appear to be crazy is an example of what theme? Madness
Hamlet believes all women especially his mother are weak is an example of what theme? Gender
“This bodes some strange eruption to our state” is an example of what literary term? Foreshadowing
Who says “That one may smile and smile and be a villain”? Why? Hamlet b/c Claudius is putting on a fa├žade but is actually evil
“A little more than kin; and less than kind” is what literary technique? Pun
What does Hamlet reveal in his soliloquy? 1. Wants to commit suicide but it is against his religion2. His father was a great king and husband3. He believes all women are weak4. He believes that the world is horrible and unprofitable