Hamlet Act I Quizzes

When the ghost appearsthe second time, what doBarnardo and Horatiobelieve causes the ghost toleave? a rooster crows
What is Laertes’ request? to return to france
“Seems” Madam? Nay, itis. I know not “seems.” Ofwhat does Hamlet accusehis mother? not truly grieving the King’s death; SEEMING like she is grieving
In his first soliloquy, to whatdoes Hamlet compare thekingdom of Denmark? an unweeded garden
“Frailty, thy name iswoman!” What does frailtymean in this context? moral weakness
When Act I begins, whattime of night is it? midnight
What does Claudius wantthe King of Norway to doabout Young Fortinbras? to stop him from attacking
Hamlet compares his fatherto Hyperion and his uncleClaudius to a satyr. What is asatyr?”So excellent a king, that wasto this / Hyperion to a satyr;” a greek mythological creature with a strong sexual/lustful behaviors
“My father’s spirit—inarms!” What does Hamletbelieve this visit from theghost of his father mightmean? that his father is in purgatory because of his untimely death, he was not able to repent for his sins
Who says, “A little morethan kin, and less thankind”? Hamlet
What does the ghost’s appearance foreshadow? Norway’s potential attack on Denmark
Who says, “to thine own self be true” Polonius