Hamlet Act 5 Questions

Whose grave are the men digging? Why are they arguing if this person should be buried or not? Ophelia’s. Because the suspicions of her taking her own life, and that is a mortal sin in the church.
Who skull does Hamlet hold up? What does Hamlet tell Horatio about that person? Why is this symbolism? Yorick, the king’s old jester. He remembers him carrying him around on his shoulders. Because everyone’s a pile of bones in the end. It shows him that death takes away everyone’s differences.
Why does Laertes complain to the priest? Because they’re not singing the usual hymns for his sister as they bury her. Cheated her of her burial rights because of how she died.
What happens when Hamlet steps out from the place where and and Horatio have been watching the funeral? Hamlet and Laertes brawl in the gravel.
Claudius reminds Laertes to remain patient and to remember what? They’ll take care of the problem soon, it’ll be all over soon.
How had Hamlet discovered Claudius’s order to have Hamlet beheaded? A packet of papers that found and decided to read. Snuck into a a document room and accidentally read the letters.
How did Hamlet see to it that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern would be put to death instead of himself? Did he feel guilty about that? he rewrote the letters in his fancy handwriting and used his seal. He doesn’t feel guilty about it one bit because they were bringing him to his death.
What message does Osric bring to Hamlet from the King? That Laertes wants to sword fight him as soon as possible.
How does Gertrude die? She drinks the poisoned wine meant for Hamlet.
How is Laertes mortally wounded? What does he say before he dies? Why does he mention he was put to death by his own evil acts? Hamlet and Latertes somehow switch swords while fighting. “Like a mouse caught in my own trap.” His idea to but the poison on the sword and it backfired on himself.
How does Claudius die? Hamlet stabs him with the poisoned blade and then forces him to drink the rest of the poison.
How does Hamlet die? What are his dying wishes? He was hit by Laertes’s blade before hand. “Tell everyone what happened, set the story straight.” Fortenbras to be king of the Danish throne.
What does Horatio say in the end about this tragedy? Why do you think Hamlet did not choose him as king? He tells the ambassador all about all the revenge plots and what had been going on. He knows that Fortinbras is like him, just strong and more able.
What does Fortinbras say he will do to honor Hamlet? To fire the soldiers’s guns in honor of him and read him his military rights.