Hamlet: act 5

ill poor in quality
employment the condition of having paid work
quick those who are living
mad mentally ill; insane
jester professional joker or fool at a medieval court
profane relating or devoted to that which is not sacred or biblical; secular rather than religious
decked knock (someone) to the ground with a punch; decorate or adorn brightly or festively
rough-hew roughly or without smoothing or finishing
repair fix or mend something suffering from damage or a fault
Why is Laertes upset with the funeral ceremony? What is the priest’s response? Because Laertes thinks Ophelia deserves more, but she can’t have certain privileges because the priest believes it was suicide. the priest thinks that Ophelia should have rocks instead of flowers thrown at her because she might have committed suicide.
Why does Hamlet jump in the grave with Laertes? Hamlet wants to make sure that everyone knows that he really did love Ophelia.Hamlet wants to make sure that everyone knew that he loved Ophelia most. — chief mourner
What did Hamlet say was written in the letters the king sent to England? When Hamlet wrote a new letter to replace the one from the king, what did he command England to do regarding Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Hamlet said that in the original letters there were instructions to kill him whenever he arrived. So in return, he sent new letters telling the king of England to kill Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.
What news does Osric bring to Hamlet? What does Osric say about Laertes? Osric tells Hamlet that Claudius put a wager on the duel. Laertes is destined to win because Laertes is unmatched as a swordsman. He was also a gentleman.
Describe what happens in the match. Who is wounded whom? How often? Hamlet and Laertes duel. Gertrude drinks wine from the poisoned cup. Hamlet wounds Laertes twice. In the scuffle, Hamlet exchanges his rapier for Laertes’. Hamlet stabs Laertes with thepoisoned sword. Laertes reveals his and Claudius’ whole plan. Hamlet stabs Claudius then makes him drink from the poisoned wine. Then Horatio drinks from the poisoned cup and dies.
How do Laertes’ feelings toward Hamlet change during the match? Laertes feels guilty for trying to kill Hamlet because it went against his conscience. Laertes confesses and asks for Hamlet’s forgiveness. Laertes admits his guilt in an aside
Explain how Hamlet dies stabbed by poisonous sword (Laertes) and drinks poisonous wine
Explain how Laertes dies wounded by his own sword
Explain how Claudius dies stabbed by poisonous sword and drinks from cup
Gertrude drinks poisonous wine
Why is it important to Laertes and Hamlet that they forgive each other before they die? both of the men wanted their deaths to be honorable so in return they were allowed to go to heaven
What is the request Hamlet makes of Horatio? Why? Hamlet request that Horatio tell the true story of what happened to Hamlet, Old King Hamlet, Ophelia, Claudius, etc. So Hamlet will have a good reputation with people. Hamlet also tells Horatio not to drink the poison. Horatio was the only truly truthful one throughout the whole play.
To whom does Hamlet turn over the throne of Denmark? What does Hamlet’s successor say about Hamlet after he dies? Hamlet turns the throne of Denmark over to Fortinbras. Fortinbras says that Hamlet was a soldier and a hero, deserves a soldiers funeral with honor, would have been a great king.
At the beginning of scene i, two grave diggers discuss whether Ophelia should be given a Christian burial. One of the grave diggers says that Ophelia’s death was a suicide. Read again Gertrude’s description of Ophelia’s death. Do you agree that is was a suicide? Explain your answer. Why was Ophelia given a Christian burial? I think it was suicide. A normal person would fight for her life, but she didn’t. She also picked a weak tree and it was over the river. Ophelia was given a Christian burial because the priest was pressured into it.
How does Hamlet react when the grave digger tosses a skull out of the grave? Does his reaction here contradict his behavior earlier in the play? Explain your answer. Has he dropped the “antic disposition” in this act? If so, why? This reaction makes Hamlet looks more sane. It contradicts his behavior previously in the play, he has lost his antic disposition. (he was unaware that Ophelia was currently being buried) Hamlet drops the act because he is offended by disrespecting the dead.
Hamlet claims true love for Ophelia at her graveside. How does this compare to his words and actions toward her earlier in the play? Why would Hamlet have treated Ophelia the way he did if he truly loved her? I think that Hamlet’s feelings for Ophelia were genuine. I think that he tried to push her away so she wouldn’t get hurt in his revenge plan.Hamlet pushed Ophelia away because he was making his antic disposition believable
When Hamlet admits he is suspicious of the duel with Laertes, Horatio says, “If your mind dislike any thing, obey it. I will forestall their repair hither, and say you are not fit.” What does he mean? Describe the quality of the friendship between Hamlet and Horatio. Horatio is saying to trust your instincts and if he wants to back out it’s okay. Horatio and Hamlet have a genuine friendship. They are honest with each other and loyal to the end.
Hamlet apologizes to Laertes before the match. For what actions does he apologize? On what does Hamlet blame his actions? What is Laertes response to Hamlet’s apology? Do you think Laertes’ response was honest? Hamlet apologizes for hurting Laertes’ honor, nature and exception. Hamlet blames his actionson his grief and mental illness. Laertes accepts his apology but refuses to call off the duel. Laertes won’t be seeking revenge but he still desires to have a fight.