Hamlet Act 5

Who’s grave are the men digging? Ophelia’s.
Where does the first gravedigger go? To get some liquor.
How long has the second gravedigger been in business? Since Hamlet was a child.
Who’s skull does Hamlet hold up? Yorick, the court jester who used to hold him on his knee.
Why does Laertes complain to the priest? He thinks Ophelia should have last full rites.
What happens when Hamlet steps out from the place he and Horatio have been watching the funeral? He leaps into the grave with Laertes and they fight.
How did Hamlet discover Claudius’ orders to have him beheaded? He took the sealed package from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.
How did Hamlet see to it that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern would be put to death instead of him? Did he feel guilty about that? He changed the package to one that put them to death.
What message does Osric bring to Hamlet from the King? He is challenged to a friendly duel with Laertes.
On whom is the King wagering in on the duel? Why? Hamlet because he is the better swordsman.
Why does the King place a pearl in the cup? The pearl will go to the winner.
How does Gertrude die? She drinks the poisoned wine.
Only Laertes’ foil was sharp and poison-tipped, so how does Laertes get mortally wounded? What does he say before he dies? The foils are switched before the match; he says he deserves to die for his own treachery.
How does Claudius die? Hamlet stabs him.
How does Hamlet know that he is dying? What are his dying wishes? Laertes tells him he has been cut by a poisoned foil; his dying wishes are that Laertes is absolved of guilt, and that Horatio reports everything correctly and does not kill himself.
Who will be the next King of Denmark? Fortinbras.