Hamlet Act 4 – Shakescleare Translation

devour (v.) to eat greedily or hungrily
rite (n.) a ceremony; any formal custom or practice
slander (n.) false and malicious use of spoken words to damage another’s reputation
confer (v.) to consult, talk over, exchange opinions
bludgeon (v.) to strike with a heavy club; to use force or strong arguments to gain something
envious (adj.) feeling or showing envy; jealous
exertion (n.) physical or mental effort
ferocious (adj.) savage; fiercely violent
fiery (adj.) like or suggestive of fire; very intense
prey (n.) animal hunted or caught for food; (v.) to hunt for or to take advantage of or exploit
shroud (n.) cloth used to wrap a body for burial; (v.) to cover or conceal from view
vile (adj.) extremely unpleasant; disgusting