Hamlet Act 4 Reading Questions

What does Hamlet do with Polonius’ body? He puts Polonius’s body under the stairs near the caste lobby
How does Claudius manage to recruit Laertes to his cause? He tells him that Hamlet killed his father and that he will help Laertes get revenge on Hamlet
What does the letter Claudius writes to the King of England ask the King to do to the bearer? Who will bear that letter? To kill Hamlet- R and G
When Hamlet alters the content of Claudius’ letter, what changes does he make? For Britain to kill R and G
Why does Laertes return from abroad? What does he want to find out? He heard that his father is dead, and he wants to find out the reason behind his father’s death
What is Laertes like in his temperament and personality? like Hamlet, noble
What drives Ophelia nuts? Her father’s death combined with Hamlet’s rejection of her
When Claudius challenges the sincerity of Laertes’ grief, where does Laertes say he would be willing to cut Hamlet’s throat, (i.e, in what sort of building?) How is that a contrast with Hamlet’s earlier actions when he first spotted an opportunity to kill Claudius? – the church- b/c Laertes is willing to kill Hamlet in a place where Hamlet was not willing to kill Claudius
What news does Gertrude bring of concerning Ophelia’s death? How did she die? That she drowned by killing herself, and her clothes weighed her down