Hamlet Act 4 Quotes

“Mad as the sea and wind when both contend/Which is the mightier. In his lawless fit,/Behind the arras hearing something stir,/Whips out his rapier and cries “A rat, a rat,”/And in this brainish apprehension kills the unseen good old man.” Speaker- QueenAction- Hamlet has confronted the queen and revealed that he is only faking being crazy.Speaking to- Claudius
“Yet we must not put the strong law on him./He’s loved of the distracted multitude,/Who like not in their judgment, but their eyes;” Speaker- KingAction-The king has just heard that Hamlet killed Polonius. Claudius makes the best choice in terms of public relations, that is, to continue with the plan to send Hamlet to England.Speaking to- Gertrude
“This is th’ impostume of much wealth and peace,/That inward breaks and shows no cause without/Why the man dies.” Speaker- HamletAction- Hamlet has been sent to England, by boat, due to his previous act of killing Polonius.Speaking to- Captain
“How stand I, then/That have a father killed, a mother stained,/Excitements of my reason and my blood,/And let all sleep, while to my shame I see/The imminent death of twenty thousand men/That for a fantasy and a trick of fame/Go to their graves like beds…” Speaker-HamletAction- Hamlet is comparing his own lack of bravery to Fortinbras’ brave action.Speaking to- Audience
“Hamlet comes back; what would you undertake/To show yourself indeed your father’s son/More than in words?” Speaker- ClaudiusAction- The king is trying to manipulate Laertes into murdering Hamlet, since he is planning on coming back from England. Speaking to- Laertes
“There’s matter in these sighs, these profound heaves…” Speaker- ClaudiusAction- He is questioning Hamlet’s whereabouts and actionsSpeaking to- Gertrude
“To draw apart the body he hath killed, O’er whom his very madness, like some ore Among a mineral of metals base.” Speaker- GertrudeAction- She is explaining where Hamlet is and what he plans to do with Polonius’ body.Speaking to- Claudius
“Ay, sir that soaks up the king’s countenance, his rewards, his authorities. But such officers do the king best service in the end.” Speaker- HamletAction- Hamlet reveals that he is aware of Rosen/Guildens.’s true intentions.Speaking to- Rosen/Guilden