Hamlet Act 4

How does the king show selfishness when he finds out about Polonius being dead? He talks about sending Hamlet away. Not taking care of Polonius or caring that he’s dead
What does Gertrude say about Hamlet killing Plolonius? He killed him but it was an accident and he’s sorry
How are Rosencrantz and Guikdenstern sponges? They soak up all the rewards the king and queen are willing to give them for spying on hamlet
How is Claudius like an ape eating a sponge? Hes just sucking everything he can out of rosencrantz and guildenstern then throws it away
What does Claudius pretend to do when sending Hamlet to England? Makes it appear he thought long and hard about it so it doesn’t sound like he’s excited to send him away
What does Hamlet say about fattening animals? We fatten animals to fatten ourselves and we fatten the maggots and worms
What does Hamlet mean when he says beggers eat the king? The king dies and worms eat his body, fish eat the worms and the begged eats the fish so therefore the begged eats the king
Why does the king say he’s sending Hamlet to England? Its best for everyone
What is it when the king tells the audience that Hamlets going to England to die? Dramatic irony
What is Fortinbras doing in Denmark Going to Poland to get a small piece of land That he wouldn’t even pay 5 dollars for
What does Hamlets soliloquy mirror? Hamlets speech about the Aeneid
What does Hamlet say in his soliloquy about the soldiers? “These soldiers are walking to their death, they have no reason to get revenge, while I have all the reason to get revenge but i dont”
What does Hamlet say he will do at the end of his soliloquy? He will get revenge or he will kill himself
What is going on with Ophelia? She has gone mad. she talks to people who arent there, and picks imaginary flowers while signing about happy things.
Who does Ophelia’s madness foil and how? Hamlets depression stage of bipolar. Because even when Ophelia is crazy she is innocent, while Hamlet is the opposite; he goes crazy.
What are the reasons for Ophelia’s madness? Her dads death, and Hamlet leaving for England. {3 main men in her life left}
Who is trying to break in and kill the King Rebels led by Laertes.
Who does Laertes foil and how? Hamlet. Hamlet doesn’t do anything thing when his father dies and Laertes trys to kill the King for his dads death
What does this quote mean and who said it? “That drop of blood that’s calm proclaims me bastard, cries cuckold to my dather, brands the harlot even here, between the chaste unsmirched brows of my true mother” means if i am my fathers son i would not be calm. which also foils Hamlet. Laertes said it.
What does the line “She turns to favour and to prettiness” mean and who said it? Laertes said it. it means even when Ophelia is crazy she is still innocent
What does the King tell Laertes to get him to not kill him? Listen to what happened and if you still think i’m guilty you can have everything thats mine, crown, kingdom, everything. my life.
What does the line “And where the offence is, let the great axe fall. I pray you, go with me.” mean and who said it? It means let the guilty one die. Claudius said it
What happened to the ship that Hamlet was on? and what does Hamlet do? after 2 days at sea they got in a fight with pirates. He switches ships during the fight and ordered the pirates to take him back to Denmark.
What was the original plan to kill Hamlet? Send him to England and they will do it for him
What are the other plans to kill Hamlet? Fencing match between Laertes and Hamlet; Laertes gets a sharp sword to stab Hamlet. They dip the sword in poison. And they give poison to Hamlet to drink
Why didnt Claudius send Hamlet to Jail or just kill him? not hurt gertrude and because the people of Denmark like Hamlet
What are the conditions for Laertes to help kill Hamlet? As long as he doesnt have to play nice to Hamlet
What does the line “Time qualifies the spark and fire of it” mean and who said it? What does it Parallel Claudius says it. It means time diminishes your revenge. parallels Hamlets revenge.
What does the line “Revenge should have no bounds” mean? who said it? and what is it? means Revenge should have no boundaries. Claudius says it. and its dramatic irony because if that were true Claudius would be dead
What happened to Ophelia and how? she drowned. She was climbing a tree over water and the branch broke. she just layed there and she eventually got pulled down by her clothes.
How was Ophelia’s death described? Peaceful
Even in death Ophelia is what? Innocent