HAMLET Act 4 & 5

Where does hamlet tell Claudius that Polonius is? At supper under the stairs
Where is Claudius sending hamlet? with whom ?why? EnglandGuildenstern and rosencrants,to have hamlet killed and beheaded
On the way to the ship who does hamlets encounter? Fortinbras&a his soldiers
What is hamlet saying in his “how all occasions do in form against me” soliloquy? Completing his murderous revenge and not doing it
And act four scene five who do we discover has gone mad ?why? Ofelia because her father has died and her brother is gone
Who arrives in Elsinore hungry for revenge even to kill Claudius ?why? Laertes
What information does Horatio receive from hamlets letter? Hamlet is coming back and not dead
What does laertes respond when Claudius ask what would he be willing to do for revenge “I would cut his throat in church.”
What three treacheries to Claudius in laertes plot against hamlet Have a fencing match with pointed sword ,put poison in sword ,poison drink
What sad news does Gertrude tell Claudius in laertes? how did it happen? ophelia has drowned she climbed on tree and try to hang garland ,branch broke fell into the river her dress soaked up the water
Who’s grave are the man digging? Ophelias
Where does the first gravedigger go? To get liquor
How long has the second gravedigger been in business 30 years since King Hamlet defeated Fortinbras
Who score does hamlet hold up ?what does hamlet to Horatio about that person? Jesters head Yorck
Why does laertes complain to the priest Thinks more should be done
What happens when Hamlet steps out from the place where he in her Riche you have been watching the funeral He hops into grave and starts fighting laertes
How hamlet discovered Claudius his orders to have him beheaded He found the letter
How did hamlet see to it that Rosencrantz and guildenstern will be put to death instead of himself did he feel guilty about that? He wrote in the letter to the king of England secure Rosencrantz and Guildenstern no he didn’t feel guilty
What message does osric bring to Hamlet from the king A fence match will be set up
One whom is the king wagering in the duel why He’s wagering with laertes he bets horses and because laertes has been training
Why does the king place a pearl in the cup To know which cup has the poison in it
How does gertrude to die She drinks the line with poison
Only laertes foil was Sharp and poison tipped so how does laertes get Mortally wounded ?what is he say before he dies? Hamlet slashes laertes with the poison sword afterwords layer tees ask for forgiveness & rats out Claudius
How does Claudius die? Him at Stabs him and make him drink the poison
How does hamlet know that he is dying ?what are his dying wishes? They tell him his wish is that Horatio lives to tell the story of what all happened
Who will be the next king of Denmark? Fortinbras Junior is king and have Horatio to be messenger
Hamlets character flaw? Procrastination he waited to kill Claudius
What is Horatio’s role? Messenger has to stick around to tell story
What was Claudius is first attack at Hamlet send him to england
How does Claudius plan Mess up? Hamlet find the note and changes it
Ofelia’s death accident or suicide? Accident she was just dumb climbed on true try to hang garland branch broke fill in for her just looked up the water and she drowned
Explain fencing match in order? Claudius arrange fencing match for laertes and hamlet hamlet uses regular fencing foil laertes has point with poison ,they shake hands before dual laertes scratches hamlet with poison sword hamlet realizes sword it pointed he takes laertes sword slashes him in back both are infected with the poison laertes dies first
People who died in the play King Hamlet, Polonious,Ophelia,Rosencrants& guildenstern,gertrude,laertes,Claudius,hamlet