Hamlet Act 3 Scene 4

How does Hamlet behave towards his mother? Rude and irrational, he frightens her with his rage
What changes after the ghost visits? Hamlet is gentler and nicer to his mom because the ghost reminds him that Gertrude should be left to God, and he shall only get revenge on Claudius.
What happens to Polonius? He is stabbed to death by Hamlet (unintentional-thought it was Claudius) Hamlet drags his body into a neighboring room.
Describe Gertrude’s reactions to Hamlet. Do you think she is guilty in anyway? Explain. Does not show any signs of guilt
Do you believe Hamlet when he says he is only pretending to me mad (crazy)? Explain. To an extent yes. I think he is slightly unstable but I also think that he was trying to create the image of his madness so he could continue on with his plan