How do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern unwittingly acknowledge Denmark’s corruption as an extension of Claudius’s corruption? “…keep those many bodies safe who live and feed upon your majesty…”
How does Claudius cling to his status in a time of trouble but also acknowledge the microcosmic relationship between himself and Denmark? “…nor stands it safe with us to let his madness rage.”
Which quote demonstrates Polonius’s obsession with his own reputation and his attempts to revive a now dead theory? “I’ll call upon you ere you go to bed.”
How does divine imagery, again of the Garden of Eden, return in the scene? “Oh my offence is rank, it smells to heaven.”
How does Claudius reveal his desire for intimacy with God? Speaks in blank verse.
How does Claudius allude to the nature of corrupting status and the inescapable nature of this? “the primal eldest curse upon’t…” Allusion to Cain’s murder of Abel.
How does Claudius allude to tears and a need for forgiveness and God’s pity? “…rain enough in the sweet heavens?”
How does Claudius demonstrate his desire for purity? “white as snow”
How does Claudius demonstrate his dependence on material possessions and his valuing of them comparatively? “My crown, mine own ambition and my Queen…”
How does Hamlet note the arbitrary nature of religious justice here and therefore the possible extent of deception and corruption within Denmark? “Why, this is hire and salary, not revenge.”
How is Hamlet’s own naivety shown upon the revelation of Claudius’ true nature? “My words fly up, my thoughts remain below. / Words without thoughts never to heaven go” Hamlet is now not justified in inaction.