Hamlet Act 3 Scene 3

In lines 1-7, what does Claudius ask Rosencrantz an Guildenstern to do? Watch Hamlet
To lines 29-38, what is Claudius’ and Polonius’ latest plan? To hide Gertrude’s room and observe Hamlet’s confrontation with Ophelia
What is Claudius praying for in lines 40-42? His praying is not sincere
Why is Claudius unable to pray? He is benefitted from the sins and has to give the items up
Why does Claudius state he might yet be saved (lines 52-54)? Forgiveness
Why does Claudius believe he cannot be forgiven (lines 56-60)? He is still reaping the rewards of the murder
When Hamlet comes upon Claudius, why does he decide not to kill him (lines 81-84)? Hamlet does not want Claudius to go to hell
When will Hamlet kill Claudius instead? (lines 94-100) When Claudius does something sinful
What are Claudius’ words in lines 103-104? His thoughts are going to heaven and his words are not