Hamlet Act 3 Scene 2

What are Hamlet’s directions to the players in lines 1-47? To be a good actor, provide a reflection of real life, and show virtue.
To whom in Shakespeare’s theater does Hamlet refer in line 11? The audience
In lines 49-50 Hamlet tells Horatio, “thou art e’en as just a man/ As e’er my conversation cope withal.” What does this mean? Hamlet is telling Horatio he is a good, steady, and loyal man.
In lines 52-70 Hamlet explains why his words are not meant to flatter Horatio. What does he mean? Hamlet does not trust anybody except Horatio because he shows self-control and seems like a balanced person.
Hamlet explains to Horatio that “There is a play tonight before the King. /One scene of it comes near the circumstance/ Which I have told thee of my father’s death.” What does Hamlet ask Horatio to do during the play? (lines 71-74) Why would they do this? Watch Claudius to see if he makes any reaction.
What does Hamlet hope to learn about the ghost through the play? (lines 77-83) Whether the ghost is being the devil; that is, if the ghost is lying to them.
What does Hamlet’s conversation with Ophelia show us about his mood before the play starts. Anxious; excited
The play begins with a dumb show. What is a dumb show? When a story is acted out, without dialogue or words
Who’s love is Hamlet referring to when answers Ophelia’s statement, “‘Tis brief, my lord’ with “As woman’s love”? Queen Gertrude
Beginning from line 146, the PLAYER king and queen tell each other how much they love each other. What do they discuss in lines 195-246? What does the King say the Queen will do? Does the queen agree? What does “None wed the second but who killed the first” (line 172) mean? The Queen and King discuss what will happen when the King dies. The King says she will remarry; the queen disagrees. She means that only those who killed their first husband will marry again.
When Hamlet asks Gertrude in line 223 how she likes the play so far, she responds, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” What does Gertrude mean? The queen means that the Player Queen is being too dramatic. She may not mean what she says.
In line 225, Claudius asks Hamlet whether the play contains, “…no offense in ‘t?”. What is Claudius worried about? How does Hamlet calm his fears? The play might be offensive to the Queen. Hamlet says that it’s just fiction about a different family.
In line 236, Ophelia tells Hamlet, “You are as good as a chorus, my lord.” What does she mean by this? Hamlet is an expert commentator.
Claudius rises after line 260? Why is he so upset? Claudius feels guilty because the scene in the play shows his very actions.
What conclusion did Hamlet and Horatio come to after watching the King’s reaction to the play? (lines 261-284) Claudius seems guilty and the ghost seems to have been telling the truth.
What do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern come to talk to Hamlet about, beginning at line 285? Claudius’s anger and the Queen’s distress.
What is Hamlet’s point about about Guildenstern’s being able to play a recorder or not? What is the recorder a metaphor for? (Lines 347-355) Just like Guildenstern doesn’t know how to play a recorder, he doesn’t really know Hamlet and the whole story; he shouldn’t ‘play Hamlet’ for a fool. Hamlet is like a recorder to Guildenstern.
In Hamlet’s soliloquy at the end of this scene, lines 370-381, what does Hamlet vow he will not do? Physically harm her (he’ll only chastise her with his words)