Hamlet: Act 3, scene 1

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s Report to the King and Queen Hamlet admits that he is depressed but won’t answer questions about why, specifically.
Polonius, Claudius and Ophelia’s Plan Spy on Hamlet while he talks to Ophelia to see if he is in fact mad for her love.
Hamlet’s Soliloquy Hamlet contemplates whether patient endurance of wrong is more honorable than courageous opposition.
Hamlet’s Argument Against Suicide What if death is worse than life?
Hamlet’s Reasons for Being Cruel to Ophelia Hamlet is angered that Ophelia gave him his love letters back and begins to suspect her of helping others to spy on him.
Hamlet’s Threat to Polonius “I say we will have no more marriage. Those that are married already– all but one– shall live.”
King Claudius’s Plan for Hamlet Rosencrantz and Guildenstern will take him to England so that he can collect an unpaid debt from England. Maybe the voyage will benefit him.