Hamlet Act 3 quotes

Said by: King Said to: no one, asideContext: illusion of beauty created from pockmarked cheeks of a harlot.. similar to what King did with his story and brother’s murder, etc “The harlot’s cheek beautied with plast’rnig art is not more ugly to the thing that helps it than is my deed to my most painted word”
Said by: HamletSaid to: no oneContext: Should he live with the pain (is that nobler) or should he kill himself and find peace “To die, to sleep, no more– and by a sleep to say we end the heartache and thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to”
Said by: HamletSaid to: OpheliaContext: he’s acting crazy but is also sick and tired of Polonius acting like a fool around his castle and wants him gone “Let the doors be shut upon him that he may play the fool nowhere in in ‘s own house”
Said by: HamletSaid to: OpheliaContext: He is acting crazy, angry at mother and taking it out on her, etc “marry a fool, for wise men know well enough what monsters you make of them”
Said by: OpheliaSaid to: no oneContext: she sees the decay of who Hamlet was as he becomes crazy “O, woe is me T’ have seen what I have seen, see what I see!”
Said by: KingSaid to: PoloniusContext: King doesn’t think he’s mad with love, and kinda knows he’s mad about the usurp so he plans to send Hamlet away “There’s something in his soul o’er which his melancholy sits on brood”
Said by: HamletSaid to: PlayerContext: Hamlet is directing Player how to act in his play (ironic many ways) and he says he has seen such bad acting it seems like they don’t know how to be human ! “have so strutted and bellowed that I have thought some of nature’s journeymen had made men, and not made them well, they imitated humanity so abominably”
Said by: HamletSaid to: QueenContext: He is making a dig at his mother by insulting her looks (weird) and saying he is more attracted to Ophelia as a way to hurt her, show her something “Here’s metal more attractive”
Said by: Player QueenSaid to: Player KingContext: Hamlet put this play together to see if King Claudius reacts to the murder so it is basically just like what actually happened in their lives “Such love must needs be treason in my breast. In second husband let me be accurst. None wed the second but who killed the first.”
Said by: Player Queen Said to: Player KingContext: Hamlet’s reenactment of what he thinks and wishes had gone down when his father died “A second time I kill my husband dead when second husband kisses me in bed”
Said by: QueenSaid to: HamletContext: Queen is saying she doesn’t like the play and the Player Queen’s role because it is going against Queen’s entire lifestyle rn “the lady doth protest too much, methinks”
Said by: HamletSaid to: KingContext: Hamlet is trying to break the king and make him crack so he knows he actually murdered King Hamlet “Your majesty, and we that have free souls, it touches us not”
Said by: HamletSaid to: KingContext: Play reenacted murder scene with pouring poison into brother’s ear, King Claudius stood up very angrily and Hamlet cannot let him do that unnoticed “What, frightened with false fire?”
Said by: HamletSaid to: Guild, RosenContext: They want an answer as to what’s going on and Hamlet said he cannot because his mind and speech and wit is ruined since he’s crazy “My wit’s diseased”
Said by: Guild, RosenSaid to: HamletContext: Hamlet won’t tell them what’s going on with him and they are saying that it will eat him alive– he won’t be able to feel free or be himself if he has to watch what he says “You do surely bar the doors upon your own liberty if you deny your griefs to your friend”
Said by: HamletSaid to: Rosen, GuildContext: They are trying to figure him out, playing him out by using all tactics to understand what’s going on and Hamlet knows he’s being manipulated and he is not having any of it “You would play upon me, you would seem to know my stops, you would pluck out the heart of my mystery… you cannot play upon me.”
Said by: HamletSaid to: no oneContext: Hamlet thinks he could kill King right now, he is so angry and crazed he thinks he could do it right now “Tis now the very witching time of night when churchyards yawn and hell itzself breathes contagion to this world. Now could I drink hot blood and do such bitter business as the day would quake to look on.”
Said by:HamletSaid to: no oneContext: He is so angry and crazed he could kill King right now but will only verbally hurt mother “Let me be cruel, not unnatural. I will speak daggers to her, but use none”
Said by: RosenSaid to: KingContext: King has more to worry about than himself, whatever happens to him ripples and affects entire kingdom “Never alone did the king sigh, but with a general groan”
Said by: KingSaid to: no oneContext: His sin is so bad that angels, god in heaven can smell it “O, my offense is rank, it smells to heaven”
Said by: KingSaid to: no oneContext: Can you be pardoned by god, religion if you still have the benefits of what your sin got you “May one be pardoned and retain th’ offense?”
Said by: KingSaid to: no oneContext: What if your sin is so bad that you cannot repent? What happens then “Yet what can it, when one cannot repent? O wretched state! O bosom black as death!”
Said by: KingSaid to: no oneContext: His heart is not in his repentance and thus his prayers are not genuine and he knows it, and so they will not make amends “My words fly up, my thoughts remain below; Words without thoughts, never to heaven go”
Said by: PoloniusSaid to:Context: “O, I am slain”
Said by: QueenSaid to: HamletContext: Hamlet just killed Polonius “O, what a rash and bloody deed is this”
Said by: HamletSaid to: QueenContext: He’s pissed that she ruined sanctity of marriage, became a hypocrite “Makes marriage vows as false as dicers’ oaths”
Said by: HamletSaid to: QueenContext: Stop spreading your sin and just close your legs!!! “Do not spread the compost on the weeds to make them ranker”
Said by: HamletSaid to: QueenContext: He is being very mean and direct about the situation to her but it is in her best interest, he believes “I must be cruel only to be kind”
Said by: HamletSaid to: QueenContext: He is not crazy in his head, just his actions and methodology seem crazy “I essentially am not in madness, but mad in craft”
Said by: HamletSaid to: QueenContext: Interesting how death transforms people… “This counselor is now most still, most secret, most grave, who was in life a foolish prating knave”