Hamlet Act 3 and 4

Where are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern told to take Hamlet? They are told to take him to England.
Why does Hamlet decide not to kill Claudius in the chapel? He was praying, therefore he would go straight to heaven.
Who or what does Hamlet think he is killing through the curtain? Hamlet thought he was killing Claudius.
What characteristic of Polonius’s caused his death? His nosiness caused his death.
Who does Hamlet refer to as “adders fang’d”? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.
What does Claudius consider the “primal eldest curse”? Murder of your brother.
Name an example of appearance vs reality in Act 3 or 4. Claudius appears to be praying but he is actually not having much luck doing so.
What does the ghost mean when he says Hamlet’s mother looks “amazed”? She is in a state of shock that Claudius killed her first husband.
Event Order: 1. The ghost first appears in armor.2. Polonius decides Hamlet is “mad” due to unreturned affection from Ophelia.3. Hamlet tells Ophelia to “get thee to a nunnery.”4. Hamlet, thinking the king is praying, fails to kill Claudius.5. The ghost appears when Hamlet is speaking to the Queen.