Hamlet – Act 3

27. Summarize the “to be or not to be” speech by Hamlet. Hamlet questions wether he should live or die through his current situation.
28. How does Hamlet respond to Ophelia’s pleas for him to continue with the sweet words he used to send her? He tells her that he never loved her and never will.
29. Claudius makes a plan to send Hamlet where after eavesdropping on his conversation with Ophelia? To England
30. Polonius wants one more shot to find out what is wrong with Hamlet by eavesdropping on another conversation, this time between Hamlet and who? Queen Gertrude
31. Who does Hamlet ask to watch Claudius to monitor his reaction to the scene he added to the play? Horatio
32. How does the King react? He is disturbed by it and gets up and asks for the lights to be turned on so he can leave.
33. What does that reaction do to hamlet’s suspicions? It confirms his suspicion that Claudius killed his father.
34. Claudius struggles with what that even keeps him from being able to pray? The killing of his brother to become king.
35. When presented with an easy opportunity to kill Claudius, why does Hamlet hesitate? Because Claudius is praying and he doesn’t want Claudius to go to heaven.
36. Explain how Hamlet “accidentally” kills Polonius. He thinks he is Claudius hiding in the curtains and stabs him hoping he could finally kill him.
37. What does Gertrude finally realize after Polonius’s death? That she married the brother of her previous husband who was not near as great as his brother and married very quickly and has dishonored him.
38. The ghost returns in this scene and urges Hamlet to do what? Help his mother through what she has just heard and make sure she understands.