Hamlet: act 2, scene 1

whats the specific job polonius gives to reyanaldo at the beginning of this scene? go and ask people about laertes and mention stuff like drinking and partying to spy on him
describe what hamlet does when he enters ophelia’s room. why does hamlet choose ophelia to be the first person to whom he reveals his new behaviors grabs and stares at her, trying to act mad; hamlet wants the king to know that he’s mad
according to polonius, what is the force that causes the most insanity/self destruction in the world? love
what recent actions by ophelia does polonius believe have led to hamlets insanity? what do aphelia’s actions show us about her character? rejecting; obedient
why does polonius want to tell king claudius and queen gertrude about hamlets odd behavior? polonius wants them to know that hamlet has been pursuing ophelia and she is below him in rank