Hamlet Act 2 Scene 1

What’s the specific job Polonius gives to Reynaldo at the beginning of this scene? Is Polonius being a good dad when he assigns this task? Explain your answer. Polonius is having Reynaldo to go out and ask people about Laertes and mention things like drinking and partying to spy on him.
Describe what Hamlet does when he enters Ophelia’s room. Why, do you suppose, Hamlet chose Ophelia to be the first person to whom he reveals his new, strange behavior? Hamlet grabbed Ophelia’s wrists and pinned her against the wall and breathed heavily while staring at her and acting mad. Hamlet wants the king to think he is mad.
According to Polonius, what is the force that causes the most insanity / self-destruction in the world? Write the line that shows you this. Polonius says that love is the force that cause the most insanity / self-destruction in the world. (Page 80, Lines 113-117: “This is the very ecstasy of love,…”)
What recent reactions by Ophelia does Polonius believe have led to Hamlet’s insanity? What do Ophelia’s actions show us about her character? Polonius believes that Ophelia rejecting Hamlet has led to his insanity. Ophelia’s actions show us that she is obedient when someone else is in control.
Why does Polonius want to tell King Claudius and Queen Gertrude about Hamlet’s odd behavior? Polonius wants the King and Queen to know that Hamlet has been pursuing Ophelia and she is below him in rank.