Hamlet Act 2 and 3

on what mission does Polonius send Reynaldo? polonius sends Reynaldo to spy on Laertes who is studying music in Paris. Don’t forget to see what he’s up to with your own eyes, dont trust gossip, and give him his money and letters.
By what means in Reynaldo directed to find out his information? asking Laertes’ friends about him, saying that he only knows his father and has heard the Laertes is some type of party animal. He is supposed to say that Laertes is a party animal, drinks, swears, and visits women to see people’s reactions with will tell him whether or not he was in fact doing these things. they will either agree, or disagree about his actions.
Describe Hamlet’s appearance and behavior when he comes to Ophelia. hamlet came in with no hat on his head, his shirt unbuttoned, and his stockings dirty, undone, and down his ankles. He was pale as his undershirt, and his knew were knocking together. he looked so out of sorts, as if he’d just come back from hell.
what does Polonius fear about Hamlet? Polonius fears with Hamlet going crazy because Ophelia has rejected him and has given his love letters that back and told him to never see her again (which Polonius asked her to do).
what mission is given to rosencrantz and Guildenstern? They were asked by Claudius to hang out with Hamlet and see if there’s anything bothering him other than his father’s dead. Claudius asks Rosencrantz and Guildenstern because they used to be old childhood friends of hamlet.
what does Gertrude believe is the case of Hamlet’s “distemper” Gertrude believes that Hamlet’s distemper is caused by his father dying and her quick marriage.
Voltemand and Cornelius repost that.. (they were the messengers to Norway) King of Norway ordered Fortinbras to be arrested for planning to attack Denmark. Fortinbras then swore that he work never to attack that Fortinbras was planning was aggest Poland. Fortinbras was then named leader of defense, as long as he signs it off with the king.
Who says that “brevity is the soul of wit”? why is that ironic? who says,”more matter, with less art”? what does that mean polonius says “brevity is the soul of wit” which means that knowledge and intelligence need to expressed in as few words as possible. gertrude responds says “more matter, with less art” which means stick to the point.
what evidence did polonius produce to support his theory for the cause of Hamlet’s madness? hamlet’s love letters to Ophelia
Why does polonius believe this? because after Ophelia stopped talking to hamlet he stopped eating, started being sad, and started acting crazy.
Polonius plans to test his theory by Sending Ophelia to go “run into him”, to see how he reacts to Ophelia.
how well do you think Hamlet’s “antic disposition” is working? hamlet’s antic disposition is working well because nobody has a cue that his is purposefully acting crazy. and also because nobody knows that he is being set up by Polonius.
during hamlets conversation with polonius, what does he say or do to make polonius think hes mad? during hamlet and Polonius’ conversations, Polonius thinks hamlet is mad when he talks about the author of the book he is reading; oh just lies, sir. the sly writer says here that old men have gray beards, their faces are wrinkled, their eyes full of gunk, and that they have no wisdom and weak thighs. of course I believe it all, but I dont think its good manners to write it down, since you yourself, sir, would grow as old as I am, if you could only travel backward like a crab.
what does polonius say that lets us know hes a good enough adviser not to fall entirely for hamlets behavior? (they’re favorite lines) Polonius says something to show that he is a good enough adviser to not fall for hamlet’s behavior, which was his answers are so full of meaning sometimes. He has a way with words, as crazy people often do, and that sane people dont have a talent for. ill leave him now and arrange a meeting between him and my daughter. (to hamlet) my lord, ill take my leave of you now.
what does hamlet call Denmark he calls it Prison
examine hamlets speech beginging with the words “I will tell you why.” how does he describe the following. a. his present stateb. the earth and heavensc. human beings a. lost happiness and all sense of funb. world is empty and the sky is just airc. humans are just dust
the players arrive. what does hamlet ask the chief actor to do? why might he choose this scene? when the players arrive hamlet asks the players to change the scene of the murder to it exactly what claudius had done to his father. hamlet did this to see if he could get a rise or confusion from claudius.
name the title of the play he asks them to perform. What additional request does he make? he asks the players to perform the murder of Gonzago he asks the players to make the murder scene just like the ghost of king hamlet had told him.
“O, what a rogue.” a. what is a rogueb. what does hamlet envy about the actorc. how do hamlets emotions compare with the actorsd. why is he angry with himself? why does he feel like a coward?e. how does he plan to confirm the ghosts accusation?f. what is it he fears about the ghostg. note the last two lines of the scene Rogue means a dishonest or unprincipled man.Hamlet envy’s that the actor could full himself with fake feelings, unlike hamlet who is forced to feel his pain from his father’s deathHamlet’s emotions differs from the actors because he can’t control his emotions like the actors can.Hamlet is angry at himself for not having a plan on getting revenge for his father and that he is just letting Claudius get away with his father’s murder because he is a cowardHamlet plans to confirm the Ghost’s accusation by changing the murder scene in the play to become the exact way that the ghost said that he was killed. Because guilty people usually react or can’t watch what they have done because they feel bad about itHamlet fears that the Ghost is lying about what he had said and possibly isn’t even the ghost of fatherNote the last two linesMore relative than this. The play’s the thingWherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king.
what things do rosencrantz and guildenstern report to the king? a. is upset but won’t tell them whyb. Dances around their questions with long responsesc. Doesn’t ask any questions and only answers themd. seems like he has to force himself to talk to Rosencrantz & Guildenstern
Claudius asks the Queen to leave so that Polonius’ plan into action. Their plan it to… Have arranged for ophelia to run into hamlet and Polonius and Claudius will hind behind a wall to see how Hamlet behaves/ reacts to ophelia
Claudius’ aside means… They he feels morally better/relieved when he reads the bible and prayer books but after he feels like he is f-ed for eternity
Hamlet asks Ophelia if she is being honest, but is Hamlet being honest with her??? He isn’t being honest with her because he says things like I never loved you and that she is a w-h-o-r-e and should become a nun otherwise she will marry a foul because all the smart men will not mess around with her. He lies because she lied about her father, that hamlet knew he was there
Hamlet screams at Ophelia to join a nunnery
Hamlet complains that women can’t be trusted and thinks that marriage Hamlet complains that women can’t be trusted and thinks that marriage should no longer happen because their was only even one person who truly succeed at marriage, which was his father
Hamlet tells the actors to read the lines like newscasters w/o using so many gestures
Hamlet admires that horatio.. calmly handles the good and bad things and has control over his emotions
Hamlet ask Horatio to _____ during the play Watch Claudius reactions & take notes on them
A nasty gab that Hamlet make against his mother is… Hamlet’s mother says come sit by me (during the play) and Hamlet pretty much says I have better and more worthy people to sit with over here
The subject of the play Murder
When hamlet’s mother says “The lady protests too much, methinks. .” it shows that she thinks that she wasn’t wrong about remarrying claudius, aja her dead husbands brother
Hamlet nickname for the play is_____. The mousetrap because he was trapping his uncle in his guilt
Claudius orders for…. the play to be stopped
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern request that hamlet ____, which was requested for the queen Talks to her about picking that play to upset claudius
“Why, Look you now, how unworthy a thing you make of me” Well, look how you play me—as if you knew exactly where to put your fingers, to blow the mystery out of me, playing all the octaves of my range—and yet you can’t even produce music from this little instrument? My God, do you think I’m easier to manipulate than a pipe? You can push my buttons, but you can’t play me for a fool. Hello and God bless you, sir.
Hamlet’s plan for when he visits his mother “I’ll speak as sharp as a dagger to her, but I won’t use one on her. And so, my words and thoughts will be at odds.”