Hamlet Act 2

Who does Polonious ask to spy on his son? Reynaldo
What methods of spying does he instruct? To find his friends, make up evil lies about Laertis to find the truth, accuse him of doing evil things
Sum up how Hamlet has appeared in his guise of madness to Ophelia? Hat, dirty socks, unbuttoned jacket, pale as a ghost, NO WORDS only weird body language
Why does Polonius think Hamlet is acting strangely? He believes Hamlet is in love with Ophelia and since Ophelia is not returning that love he is losing it
Why does Polonius think the king must be appraised of the matter? Fortinbras is threatening to attack Denmark, a national crisis, and no one wants to see the ruler as crazy
What request to Claudius and Gertrude make of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? why do they ask him in particular? Claudia’s invited them so that he can find out what’s wrong with Hamlet
What is foil? When two characters are complete opposite of each other which help find out more about the character
Examples of foil in Hamlet Both Hamlet and Fortinbras have dead dads. Hamlet cannot control his emotions and chooses revenge, but Fortinbras can control his emotions and does not choose revenge
What is a soliloquy A long speech by only one actor is on stage
How, according to the ambassadors, was young Norway (Prince Fortinbras) able to gather armies under his uncle’s nose (King Norway) without his knowing it? Now that the King was made aware of the attack, what became of it? The king thought the armies were for Poland, Fortinbras cannot attack Denmark but he can Poland
What papers is Claudius requested to sign? the papers that grant Fortinbras to attack poland by going through Denmark
What does Polonius tell the King and Queen regarding the origins of Hamlet’s sudden descent into gloom and madness? He is crazy in love with Ophelia and that’s why he’s sick
What is Polonius’ suggestion for proving his theory about Hamlet to the King? What does Polonius say he will do if his suspicion proves false? Polonius suggest that they should hide and see how the 2 act around each other and if he’s wrong he’ll quite his job and become a farmer
Give an example of Hamlet being verbally ironic in his conversation with Polonius. Verbal irony-verbally something doesn’t make sense—ex.. hamlet calls Polonius a Jephthah, wrinkled old man, fishmonger
Why does Hamlet say in lines 264-266 that beggars are bodies, and monarchs and heroes are but shadows of beggars? He’s talking about bad dreams, and his mood. Beggars lack ambition and king and heroes have ambition but the ambition usually doesn’t work out
What question does Hamlet pose of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? He wants to know if they were sent by the king and queen
What does Hamlet reveal to his two friends (R&G) about his state of mind? Nothing makes him happy
Why, according to R&G, are the tragedians of the city forced to travel? The child actors are popular right now
What does Hamlet mean when he tells R&G that he is “but mad north-north-west”? There’s only one thing that makes him crazy but really he’s in control
Hamlet and the players recount part of a play concerning Pyrrhus, Priam, and Hecuba. From the portion given here, write what happens to these 3 characters The purist who’s father is killed and junk
Hamlet makes a strange request of one of the players for tomorrow’s performance. What is his request, and why do you suppose he makes it? The addition of the play
What is meant by this oft quoted line, “What’s Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba” He’s upset that the actor can bring up such true emotions about a fake story or someone he doesn’t know
In his soliloquy, Hamlet both upbraids himself and reveals his course of action. Why is he so cruel to himself, and what does he plan to do? He’s cruel to himself because he hadn’t acted before and his plan is to act out the death of his father to the king