Hamlet: act 1, scene 2

in the first section of lines we hear from king claudius, what should rub you the wrong way about the kings message to the court he acted like he didn’t really care about his brothers death
at the end of the end of this passage, king claudius says “so much for him” what are two meanings of the pronoun “him” that the king may be referring to? and what does this show about king claudius? him could be used as saying lets not think about hamlet anymore or he could be saying lets not think about the attack of fortinbras anymore; claudius could be portrayed as being heartless
king claudius sends a letter to the king of norway to tell young fortinbras to back off form his plans to attack denmark. what makes the audience think that his letter will not be effective? king claudius thinks that young fortinbras won’t be able to achieve the plans old fortinbras had planned
hamlet uses a subtle pun to express his displeasure at having claudius as his new father. write the pun not so my lord, I am too much in the sun (meaning son)
list four reasons king claudius says that hamlet ought to stop grieving everybody’s dad dies, questions his manhood, says its ungodly, says hamlet should suck it up
claudius agrees to send laertes back to france but he doesn’t want hamlet to go why do you think he wants hamlet to stay? so he can keep an eye on him
how long as it been since king hamlet died? how long after the funeral did queen gertrude marry claudius? did gertrude love her first husband hamlet? 2 months; 1 month; probably not because she married claudius so fast
why do you think hamlet has to hold in his feelings around his mother? she is mean
when horatio and the guards tell hamlet about the ghost of his father, he is intrigued and promises to joint them in hopes of contacting the ghost against this evening. hamlet asks the meant to keep this a secret. why? it would make the kingdom of denmark panic and hamlet would seem crazy