hamlet prince of denmark
claudius king of denmark and hamlets uncle
gertrude claudius wife and hamlets mother and the queen of denmark
the ghost ghost of hamlets father, the late king
polonius councillor to the king, ophelias and laertes´father
laertes poloius´s son
ophelia polonius´s daughter, hamlets love intrest
horatio hamlets friend
rosencrantz members of the court, fellow students of hamlet
guildensterm memer of the court, fellow student of hamlet
fortinbras prince of norway
voltemand and cornelius members of the danish court and ambassadors to norway
marcellus, barnardo, francisco members of the kings guard
impossibility of certainity theme the action we expcet to see is continually postponed
mystery of death theme hamlet is obsessed with death after his father dies
madnes theme real and pretend madness is throughout the play
revenge theme hamlet wants to get revenge for his fathers death
theme of family the family members in the play
hatred of women motif formed when Gertrude decided to marry Claudius; Hamlet forms this opinion about women in general and shows a particular obsession with what he perceives to be a connection between female sexuality and moral corruption
ears and hearing motif difficulty of attaining true knowledge is slipperiness of language
ghost symbol the way hamlet is emotionally haunted by his fathers memory; hamlets lingering memory of a lost but not forgotten loved one