Hamlet Act 1

Francisco and Marcellus guard the castle; its midnight, cold, foggy What is the scene as the play opens?
they just saw a ghost who looks like the late King Hamlet; and war is looming Why are the soldiers uneasy?
they are speaking very quickly, shortly, and in low whispers How does their dialogue reveal their uneasiness?
the late king Hamlet killed the Fortinbras father What conflict exists between Denmark and Norway?
preparing for an attack from Norwayshipwrights working 24/7 What effect is this conflict having on Denmark?
good/ambitious soldier What sort of man had Hamlet been?
they decide to tell Hamlet about the ghost What indication of the future do you find at the end of scene 1?
says that in mourning they found comfort in each other How does Claudius justify his marriage with Gertrude?
attack from Norwaymarriage LaertesHamlet What matters do Claudius handle in scene 2?
allows Laertes to return to France What petition doe Claudius approve in scene 2?
condescendingly; tell him to stop mourning and move on How do Claudius and Gertrude treat Hamlet in scene 2?
will obey his mother How does Hamlet react to Claudius and Gertrude?
he wants to die; but its against the church to commit suicide What does Hamlet’s soliloquy in scene 2 tell about him?
father’s deathmothers incestuous marriage What events cause Hamlet to want to be dead?
don’t say what your thinkingbe friendly but not a pesthold on to true friendslisten before you speakdon’t borrow or lendalways be yourself 5 bits of advice from Polonius?
falling in love with Hamlet What do Polonius and Laertes warn Ophelia about?
making Denmark the laughing stock among other nations What is the effect of having the sounds of Clausius’ carousing reach the watchers on the platform?
afraid it will lead him to harm Why does Horatio warn Hamlet not to follow the ghost?
depressed and does not care if he is harmed What does Hamlet’s reaction to the warning indicate about his state of mind?
kill his uncle but leave his mother alone Does the ghost ask Hamlet to take any specific action?
he believes the ghost and wants revenge on his uncle What is Hamlet’s reaction to the info the ghost told him?
shakenagitatedmentions he may pretend to be a madman How is Hamlet’s behavior different to Horatio and Marcellus after he saw they ghost?
apparition a supernatural appearance of a person or thing
coronation the crowning ceremony of a king or queen
frailty weak
sepulcher a tomb or burial place
filial pertaining to the obligation of a son or daughter
usurp to seize or hold by force
rank putrid; disgusting; nasty
prophetic predictive; progressive
courtier a person in attendance with the court of the king
suspiration a long deep sigh
leprous of or resembling leprosy
tenantless unoccupied
Marcellus “That if again this apparition come he may approve our eyes and speak”
Laertes “to show my duty in your coronation”
Hamlet “Frailty thy name is women”
Hamlet “Have burst there cerements, why the sepulcher”
Claudius “the survivor bound in filial obligation”
Horatio “What art thou that usurps’t this time of night”
Hamlet “things rank and gross in nature posses it merely”
Hamlet “Oh my prophetic soul”
Claudius “Our chiefest courtier”
Hamlet “Nor a windy suspiration of forced breath”
Ghost “the leprous distillment”
Horatio “The graves stood tenantless”