Hamlet act 1

The play begins on the dark winter night outside Elsinore castle in Denmark as if you watchmen Bernardo and Marsellus and a friend of Prince Hamlet Horatio have a conversation. What is revealed in this conversation Marsellus and Bernardo said they saw a ghost
What happened with King Hamlet and fortinbras The king kills fortinbras and his son is angry and seek vengeance
Why does a ratio now believe Bernardo and Marsellus? What does Horatio notice about the physical appearance of the ghost Because Horatio has seen the ghost. Looks like King Hamlet who is dead and the ghost is wearing the same armor he wore during war against Norway
Why does Horatio think that this ghost is making an appearance Maybe a warning, or teach a lesson, supply info. Maybe to show how he died. Maybe demonic figure or really king
What is important about Horatio solution to Julius Caesar There are omens which may lead people to think that the King might’ve been assassinated
How does scene one conclude They decided to tell young Hamlet about the ghost, Horatio questions the ghosts to see what’s happening
What are the two main things that Claudius explains it is monologue starting in act one scene to His brother’s death is still fresh, he married the kings wife and 14 Ross wants his land back
What does layer tees ask of Claudius To return to France, Claudia said yes with your father’s blessing
What is your first impression of Prince Hamlet? What dialogue clues have given you this impression Hamlet is unhappy that his uncle is king and married to his mom, he says “incestious sheets”
What advice is Gertrude giving to handle it when she says, good Hamlet, casted I knighted color off, and let Diane I look like a friend on Denmark. Do not forever with that I failed lids seek for the noble father in the dust. Thou know st tis common. All that lives must die, passing through nature to eternity Don’t be depressed, the uncle says the same
After Hamlet tells his mother that he is in no sorrow is a Normanis, what advice does Claudia still Hamlet about his morning I was late father and what does he ask of Hamlet Claudius tells him without his grief is unmanly and childless
In lines 133 through 164, Hamlet gives his first soliloquy. What do we learn about hamlets inner thoughts? What is meant by the allusion to Hercules? What does Hamlet mean when he says frailty, thy name is a woman He talks about suicide because he so upset and grossed out by his mom, weeded garden means corruption, Hercules meaning hamlets not the greatest person
After hearing from her ratio, Marsellus, and Bernardo about the ghost of his late father, how does Hamlet respond? What does Hamlet mean when he says, Pfahl deeds will rise, though all the earth overwhelm them, to men’s eyes Hamlet decides he will watch that night and talk to the ghost if he comes. Hamlet thinks that there has to be a reason his father comes back, it may be bad
Summarize the advice that layer tees is giving his sister Ophelia about Hamlet in act one scene three Layer tees tells a file out to guard her heart, because if she falls in love with him, they might not be able to marry. Polonius says that Hamlet only likes Ophelia for her looks and that she should stay away from him
Summer is the advice that Polonius is giving to his son liberties Polonius tells layer tees to listen first, and then speak only when necessary and with wisdom. He also tells him to be true to himself
After layer tees leaves for France, Polonius seems concerned about his daughter and her relationship with him. He asks her you do not understand yourself so clearly as it behooves my daughter and your honor what is between you?. What is he worried about that is similar to what liberties mentioned Polonius is worried that Ophelia will fall in love with Hamlet, but they will not marry
What are some of Polonius his lines that show that he is not very sympathetic to his daughters feelings towards Hamlet and hamlets towards her what to these lines mean Quotes: that he is young, and with a larger tether may he walk then be given you. This means that hamlet will have more important worries then Ophelia. Quote: I would not, in plain terms, from this time forth, have you so slander any moment leisure as to give words or talk with the Lord Hamlet. This means Polonius doesn’t want Ophelia to see Hamlet
What advice is Polonius basically giving to Ophelia concerning Hamlet Polonius is saying that Ophelia should not waste your time with Hamlet
As Hamlet keeps watch outside the castle with Horatio and Marsellus, he explains the tradition that the King is taking part in. Does he seem to be for or against this tradition and why. This is an act one scene for He is against because it brings dishonor to their country and makes a bad name for people. This act is drunkenness and foolishness
The ghost back and Hamlet to follow it out into the night. Hamlets companions urge him not to follow, begging him to consider that the ghost might lead him toward harm. Why does Hamlet decide to follow the ghost? What does he threatened if his friends won’t let him go? Hamlet thinks that the ghost have something important to tell him he also wants to know if it’s really his father
In act one scene five what does the ghost tell him that he must be prepared to do after He listens to what he has to say He must take revenge for his father
Why is hamlets father “doomed for certain term to walk the night and for the day confined to fast in fires” He has to repent for the sins he made while he was alive, for example the Norway fight
What does the ghost to say about his presume to death and the actual murder His brother murder him and he says his brother is a snake
The ghost has a long monologue in which he talks about his feelings towards Claudius what does he say A snake, and incestuous adulterous beast. He seduced the queen
What does the ghost say about Gertrude She has negative qualities and falls for garbage
What does the ghost say about his death Explains that his brother killed him with poison and that old Hamlet got scaly skin
What does the ghost mean when he tells Hamlet that he was killed “in the blossoms of my sin and household, disappointed, I do now. No reckoning made, but sent my account with all my imperfections on my head He is talking about murdering the other king and he never repented
Although the ghost does not care how Hamlet goes about his revenge, what does he not want him to do To kill his mom because he wants her to live out her life and suffering
What does Hamlet make the other men promise at the end of the scene To swear that they won’t tell anyone what they seen or comment on his weird behavior