Hamlet act 1 ????

What is the setting Cold, dark, and snowy; in front of the castle
Why is francisco happy to see bernardo Bernardo is relieved of his stressfull duty
Why has marcellus begged horatio to join the watch To see the ghost
Who does the ghost look like King hamlet; young hamlets dead father
What was the outcome of king hamlet and fortinbras battle King hamlet slays fortinbras
Why is there a need for a night watch on the palace There is fear of an attack by young fortinbras
How is Claudius and the dead king related They are brothers
What is Claudius asking in the letter he sends to the king of Norway To not start war
Who is laertes, and where is he going The son of polonius and he wants to go to France
Why is young hamlet grieving Grieves over his fathers death
Why is the king planning a celebration For his marriage and new kingship
Who is horatio, what does he reveal to hamlet Horatio is hamlets closest friend and he tells hamlet that he has seen a ghost that looks like his father
What advice does laertes give to Ophelia Hamlet loves you now but he may have to marry someone for status
What advice does polonius give to laertes “To thin own self be true “
What advice does polonius give to Ophelia Not to see hamlet anymore
Why doesn’t horatio want hamlet to follow the ghost It may try to kill him
What does the ghost tell hamlet To revenge him, his uncle has killed him
How does the ghost want hamlet to treat Claudius/ Gertrude Treat Claudius bad, but don’t mess with mother
What does hamlet make horatio and Marcellus swear Not to tell anyone what they experienced with the ghost