Hamlet Act 1

Denmark, Elsinore castle Where does it take place?
1 am- North Star What time is it when they see Old Hamlet’s ghost?How is time told?
Marcellus, Barnardo, Francisco Danish guard
Dead Old Danish King Hamlet Ghost of who?
Horatio, Hamlet Who are scholars?
Norway Who has Denmark been in conflict with lately?
2 How many times does the ghost enter?
dead fathers similarity between Young Fortinbras and Young Hamlet
Hamlet Horatio and Marcellus want to tell who about the ghost?
no Does the ghost speak?
-personal issues (grieving death/marriage)-Official business of Norway and dealing with Young Fortinbras 2 topics Claudius takes up in his long speech
Old Norway (Uncle of Young Fortinbras) present ruler of Norway
H/H: Laertes wants to return to France because duty is done, but not the right time to askP/K: aspects of good and bad kingship shown in Claudius Themes shown on pg. 11-12Laertes asking Claudius about leaving
Because Laertes is almost higher in power than Queen Gertrude Why does Claudius say Laertes should not hesitate to ask him anything?
Polonius Lord Chamberlain’s right hand man
yes Claudius grants Laertes request?
Oxymoron “defeated joy””with mirth in funeral and with dirge in marriage”
stop mourning, too long Gertrude says to Hamlet about father
A/R: just seems like grieving or actually Hamlet to Gertrude about “Seems madam? Nay it is. I know not seems” What theme?
-unmanly grief-impatient mind-stubborn Claudius to Hamlet about grief
Hamlet Claudius says who will inherit throne
return to school Claudius and Gertrude tell Hamlet to not do what
suicide what does Hamlet’s first soliloquy say
unweeded garden two word metaphor in 1st soliloquy
Claudius/Gertrude who does hamlet hold responsible for horribleness of his world
what does Hamlet mean about not being like Hercules
yes does hamlet suspect foul play with seeing his dad’s ghost